Send Email with Delta Photo to Gavin – He wants to know what we love about CA!

Whatever your politics, there’s a good chance Gavin Newsom will be our next governor (he’s ahead in the race). Earlier on in the race he said he was against the tunnels. But most recently, he said something wishy washy – probably to get the Central Valley and Southern California votes and to have Jerry Brown endorsing and pushing his candidacy. Or maybe he, like Jerry Brown, is getting campaign financing from the big Corporate almond farmers like Stewart Resnick and big L.A. Developers who want the fresh Sacramento water. If that’s the case, he, like Jerry Brown and Feinstein, will be beholding to them and supporting of the tunnel boondoggle.

BUT THERE IS AN OPENING RIGHT NOW TO CONVINCE HIM OTHERWISE!!! He’s opened up the door with his email below where he wants to find out what each of us love about CA. Gavin asks:

“What it is about your part of CA that makes it a special place for you. I’m aiming to drop by as many parts of the state as I can before Election Day, but whether I catch you on a visit or not, I’d love to hear from you: Can you show me what your favorite place in California is, captured in one great photo?”


We need to FLOOD his inbox flooded with one photo from each of you featuring the Delta.

Here are my ideas:

  • Beautiful shots of Discovery Bay water and let him know your fears for your home values and community because the Delta Tunnels will destroy our water quality. Lots of people should send those in. Let him know how panicked our community is about the tunnels!
  • Photos of water skiers and wake boarders, specifically on Twin Sloughs and let him know the nearby/favorite slough will be blocked by the tunnel construction
  • Photos of anchor outs at Mildred and let him know our only anchorage in the South Delta will be ruined for 11 years during the construction
  • Photos of a Small Boat Dinner Cruise to Union Point and let him know that establishment will be cut off from boats and likely go out of business
  • Photos of groups enjoying ski beach which will be cut off from use by construction
  • Photos of Bullfrog Marina and let him know that marina will be surrounded by barges and construction and likely go out of business
  • Photos of boats underway on Middle River and let him know those waterways will all be blocked with barges and construction
  • Photos of quaint legacy communities in the North that will be ruined first by the construction of the giant pumping plant and later by the awful view of the plant
  • Photos of fishermen on the Delta and let him know how the tunnels will be the end of many species here
  • Photos of the birds of the Delta: majestic blue heron, egrets, and others and your fear that a noisy, polluting, 11-year construction project through the heart of the Delta will take an unrecoverable toll on the waterfowl
  • Photos of any other scenic part of the Delta that you love and tell him your fear that this wonderful place is about to be destroyed
  • Photos of your farm in Brentwood or on a Delta Island and tell him the tunnel operation plan includes increased salinity which will sterilize your fertile farmland

We should all add that the tunnel route through the heart of the Delta was a terrible, terrible idea and we’ve been loudly complaining that they picked the wrong route which will destroy the Delta by construction even before the operation of the tunnels ruin Delta water quality.

If you have a boat, tell him to come out and take a boat ride to find out what the Delta is and how it will be destroyed by this project.

Subject: RE: be featured on my Instagram!
or it will look coordinated. But if you would, please either BCC so I know how many we send.

Or let me know in a separate email to what your photo was of and if we miss some important spots, I’ll work to get those covered.

If you aren’t a photographer, maybe ask Bill Klipp or others on FaceBook you see post pictures and see if you can borrow one 🙂

Together we can make a difference!

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