Don’t panic about the tunnels yet

Before everyone panics about the Metropolitan Water District’s vote this week to pay for the Delta Tunnels, it’s not over yet. The article in the SacBee today is right with it’s lead-in: “California Delta Tunnels Project Still Faces Obstacles.” I agree. Big obstacles.

On the other hand, even though this article says that the biggest barrier is the hearings underway now by the State Water Resources Control Board, we know that since it’s members were all appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, getting a permit in June at this point is likely. Not only has Brown stacked the deck with his pro-tunnel appointees, the meets have been rigged. The Water Board Hearing officers have been colluding with the State’s DWR who are requesting the permits. And we have proof that the modeling they used to show how much water they can extract has been manipulated. AND the design for the tunnels is not earthquake-proof, even though their cost justification is heavily based on the assumption that the current levee system is not earthquake proof and that is a huge risk. Hmm.

But the big obstacle is that once the permits are issued, then the law suits will begin.

The article says: ” At least 58 tunnels opponents, including Sacramento-area governments, fishing groups and a Native American tribe, are suing under California’s environmental protection law. Many of those same opponents filed lawsuits challenging the plan’s financial arrangements. And in late February, many of these groups filed a fresh lawsuit saying the water board broke state law by secretly meeting with state and federal officials about the project.”

And you remember who it was that found out about those secret meetings, about the rigged hearings? That’s right. Save the California Delta Alliance’s own legal council, Michael Brodsky. We’ve already won one case against the Delta Plan that the Judge agreed with Brodsky, ruling the plan needs to show how they will be reducing reliance on the Delta, how they will meet the Delta Flow Requirements, and what alternatives they have considered. Since the tunnels are opposite to all of those rulings, we are confident that the Judge will agree with us again, especially since these hearings have been rigged!

Thank you to everyone who has been getting on-line and donating to us (click “Donate” button on the right.) Our lawyer is the best of the best and if we continue to support him in hiring expert witnesses to build his case, we can succeed.

Here’s the article: Sacramento Bee Article: California Delta Tunnels Project Still Faces Obstacles.

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