Metropolitan Water District backs two Delta Tunnels

Metropolitan Water District backs two Delta Tunnels.

The vote was disappointing but not unexpected. Disappointing, since at each juncture we keep hoping we’ve seen the final nail in the coffin. But the tunnel project never seems to die. Not unanticipated because their fall-back of voting for just one tunnel would have meant the Water Board permit process would have been extended to Part III and a new EIR for one tunnel at a time; hence it would not be done during Gov. Brown’s reign. Not funding both tunnels up-front was equivalent to Gov. Brown giving up, and we know he wasn’t about to do that.

We know the tunnels are not cost effective and are not guaranteed to produce another drop of water, assuming the tunnels will be operated responsibly. Obviously it means the water exporters have no commitment to responsible operations. Thus the law suit wars will need to begin as soon as the Water Board issues the permits by June. We know that process is rigged, so we know the permits will be approved. Save the California Delta Alliance is gearing up to begin that battle.

This makes it vital for us to make an early push for fund raising, to be sure we are ready to take on the battle.

Or send a check made out to “STCDA” to:
P.O. Box 1760
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

We appreciate everyone that has been supporting us!

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