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  • Get on the bus to Sacramento April 28th! (Notice Date Changed – now on Friday)
    Click here if you want to ride the bus or drive to the meeting


    We need to show the Delta Stewardship Council (DSC) we don’t want them to amend the Delta Plan to include tunnels, gates, or any other specific form of conveyance. 400-500 people turn out at every Town Hall held at the Discovery Bay Elementary School and 400 showed up at the DSC Meeting in Brentwood March 23! April 27 is the big meeting. Join your friends and neighbors and let the DSC know we don’t want tunnels, we don’t want gates. The DSC is supposed to be a “Stewardship” council. That means “stewards,” i.e. protectors, not destroyers.

  • Donate. Donations will be used to educate the taxpayers and hire scientists to combat the tunnels (e.g., scientific research into better alternatives and to evaluate the negative impacts on the South Delta if the tunnels proceed).

    Or send a check made out to “STCDA” to:
    P.O. Box 1760
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  • Write letters to the editor of newspapers throughout California. See hints about how to get your letters published. A list of email addresses for the Editors of various newspapers is provided here.

  • Display a Lawn Sign. Click on the “Display a Lawn Sign” link to the right.

    Stop the Tunnel Sign

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  • TunnelProtest-July18-2013
    Protesting in Sacramento July 17, 2013

    Take Flyers to your Friends and Neighbors

    Or contact us if you want to order more flyers: Email to stcda@nodeltagates.com

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