Our Mission Statement

Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) is a public interest association committed to working with local, state, and federal government to create a balanced state water plan that keeps the California Delta a safe and healthy environment for all who live here while providing clean water exports for other areas of the state.

STCDA recognizes the damage that excessive water exports have caused and seeks to restore and protect the Delta while protecting the farmers, boaters, and communities that call the Delta home.

Our Logo

Save the California Delta Alliance logo
Our logo reflects the value of the Delta to all Californians: For farming, drinking water, the fish who live in it, and for boating and recreation.

What Makes us Different

We are different from other Delta organizations. We are a grassroots organization. We are all unpaid volunteers (even our Legal Council works pro bono). We are real people who live in the Delta and represent Delta interests. Donations go to hiring expert witnesses and others to help us fight against the Delta Tunnel(s) and other destructive projects that will cause significant harm to Delta communities in addition to destroying the environment and water quality in the Delta.

Because of the pandemic the last two years, we have not refilled board positions (see below). If you are interested, contact us.

Who We Are – 2022 Board of Directors and Officers

KarenMann  Karen Mann, President
Karen runs a full-time appraisal business, Mann and Associates. Her four grandchildren live with her and her husband Scott. She is the 2018 Past President of the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce, has been Discovery Bay Yacht Club (DBYC) Commodore, Lions Club President, Pacific International Yacht Club Association (PIYCA) Commodore, and was the first STCDA V.P. As the saying goes, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

Karen has lived and worked in the Delta for many years and is an avid Delta boater. She has represented Delta communities, farmers, and boaters in numerous meetings concerning the Delta: Steering committee meetings in Sacramento on the new tunnel project, Franks Tract meetings, and Delta Activist meetings between the various grassroots groups battling to protect the Delta.

Lenora-Bio Lenora Clark, Vice President
A retired postal executive, Lenora is an avid boater and resides in Discovery Bay. She is committed to Delta boating and recreation.

She was President/Commodore of Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association of Northern California in 2014, and has she served on the BoatUS National Advisory Council, the national Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation Board of Directors, on the State appointed Delta Advisory Committee, and is a former Commissioner for the California Department of Boating & Waterways Commission. She is currently a Director of the Recreational Boaters of California. She also participates on the local advisory on Aquatic Invasive Species, working with Contra Costa County.

BruceHall Bruce Hall, Treasurer
An interested stakeholder for several years, Bruce recently accepted the post of Treasurer for the organization. Bruce is an active member of and former Commodore of Discovery Bay Yacht Club and has three generations of boaters in his family living in Discovery Bay. Having witnessed firsthand the decline of the Delta due to excessive pumping, Bruce is engaged and motivated to see a reduction in water exports and rehabilitation of the resource.

Bruce has a background in international banking and aviation, his later career having been that of CFO of two national airlines. He is currently a Board Advisor and acting CFO of a San Francisco based technology company. Bruce earned a BA in Business Administration from Capital University in Columbus, OH and his graduate thesis was published by University of Delaware.

 TBD, Secretary
Interested in joining us? Contact Karen Mann at karen@mannappraisal.com

Jamie headshot picJamie Bolt, Director
Jamie Bolt moved to Bethel Island in the early 1980’s after graduation from college. Working at the family’s marina and boatyard, Bethel Harbor, she has been the Harbormaster since 1999. She has served and assisted boaters in the community for over 30 years. Besides being active in the marina and marine repair business, she belongs to the San Joaquin Yacht club and actively boats on the delta throughout the year. She participated in the 2019 California Boating Congress, has been a member of the Marine Recreation Association and is actively serving on an advisory committee for the Franks Tract Futures project currently being developed by state stakeholders.

Having lived on the delta for over 30 years has allowed her a first-hand look at the declining health of the delta. She is passionate about maintaining the delta for local communities and boaters for generations to come.

Dane Dane McCoy Sr., Director
Dane was in law enforcement for 29 years and retired as a Sergeant from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office in 2003. Dane was founder and President of Viera Residential Care Homes Inc. for the last 17 years, a Residential Facility providing services for developmental disabled persons with forensic backgrounds. Dane studied Computer Science at American River College and attended the Alameda County Sheriff Academy at Chabot College.

Dane has been a Director for STCDA since January 2017. Prior to STCDA, Dane was the Commodore of the Discovery Bay Yacht Club.

BillWells Bill Wells, Director
Bill Wells is the Executive Director of the California Delta Chambers & Visitor’s Bureau and writer of the monthly “Delta Rat Scrapbook” column for Bay & Delta Yachtsman magazine. He and his wife Sue cruise their 1937 Stephens classic yacht Ranger to boating events throughout the Delta.

Bill is a past commodore and current Delta Port Captain of the Northern California Fleet of the Classic Yacht Association as well as an honorary member of the Marina West, Stockton, and Sacramento Yacht Clubs. An active advocate in the fight to preserve and protect the California Delta, he served for two plus years on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan public meeting panel and served for two years on the Delta Protection Commission Advisory Committee. Bill is a frequent contributor to area publications and a guest speaker at events regarding Delta recreation and water issues.

Jans Jan McCleery, Past President 
Jan and Mike spent every summer since the ’70s driving from Silicon Valley to the Delta with their family, boating and enjoying the waterways. After retiring in Discovery Bay, anchored out one summer, Jan and Mike found out about destructive State projects planned for the Delta (the 2-Gates and the Peripheral Canal/Tunnels) that seemed illegal, blocking navigation and boating rights. They helped form Save the California Delta Alliance to protect Delta communities, the rights of boaters, fishermen, Delta farmers, and the precious natural environment of the California Delta, which is the ecologically most important estuary on the west coast of all of North and South America. Jan was President of STCDA for 9 years and is now Past President. She was also Captain of the Discovery Bay Golf & Country Club and remains an active member.

After earning a Masters Degree in Math/Physics, Jan spent 20 years in scientific programming/software at Ford Aerospace/Loral, she moved to smaller software companies and in 1998 co-founded a successful software company, Azerity. Since retiring in 2014, she has authored fiction and non-fiction books, including children’s environmental books: “The Fable of the Farmer and the Fish” and “Sassy the Salmon.”

Legal Counsel

Brodsky Michael Brodsky, Legal Counsel
Mr. Brodsky earned his Juris Doctor Degree from Yale Law School. Mr. Brodsky served as a city council member and Mayor of the City of Albany, California in the 1990’s. He served as a consultant to the United States Agency for International Development in 2006 and again in 2010, advising the governments of the post-Soviet states of Georgia and Kosovo on transforming the real estate sectors of their economies to market based legal systems. He has taught classes in Administrative Law, Property, and California Water Law and Policy at the University of California, Boalt Hall Law School and the University of California at Santa Cruz.

He enjoys spending time on his boat with friends lazing around the California Delta, and riding his bicycle in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


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Board Meetings

The next Board Meeting will be TBD in the Discovery Bay Yacht Club Bilge Room (downstairs).

Since DBYC is a private club, non-member attendees must notify a board member before they attend and must register upstairs in the yacht club as a guest. Email stcda@NoDeltaGates.com if you want to attend.

The prior Board Meeting was held Monday, January 13, 2020.

Our Website Address(es)

We have several website address links to help you find these webpages:

  • www.NoDeltaTunnels.com – Our current fight is to stop the tunnels, so our main website address is NoDeltaTunnels.com.
  • www.STCDA.org – The official link to the Save the California Delta Alliance STCDA (note this is “.org”).
  • NoDeltaGates.com – The organization was formed in 2009 to stop the “2-Gates Project”. The 2-Gates were originally scheduled for implementation in 2009 and are now on-hold. Or first website was NoDeltaGates.com. You can still find us using this URL.


Your tax deductible donations to STCDA have been used to-date to hire experts to support our legal positions (e.g., to testify about the water quality in the South Delta if the tunnels are built, to testify about impacts on recreation from tunnel construction). A small portion of donations are used for the direct costs of making the public aware of the tunnels and other water diversion projects.

STCDA is a voluntary organization and does not, nor does it anticipate, paying any salaries or wages.

Or make checks payable to “STCDA” and mail to:

P.O. Box 1760
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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