Rating the Candidates for Governor on the Tunnels

UPDATED 4/16 10:52 AM: A new article says Villaraigosa is opposed to the tunnels even though he’s supportive of the Central Valley famers: Villaraigosa is spending time in farm country. Let’s hope he doesn’t get his mind changed.

In other words:
#1 Strongly opposed: The two Republican candidates and Democrats Delaine Eastin and John Villaraigosa.

#2 Open to debate and other alternatives: Chiang (D)

#3 Thinks one tunnel is OK and needed (that’s bad) but wants to reduce reliance on the Delta (that is good): Newsom (D)


Republican Candidates: The two Republican candidates — John Cox and Travis Allen — are solidly opposed to the tunnels.

Democratic Candidates prioritized by their tunnel position:

    #1 ** Delaine Eastin, adamantly against. She had the best answer of the Democratic candidates; she gets it: ”Jerry is stubborn about certain things. He wanted the Peripheral Canal. The tunnels are the Peripheral Canal with a lid on it. The state isn’t doing water planning,” she adds. “We’re just doing expensive things like tunnels — an old idea.”

    #2 Antonio Villaraigosa, prior mayor of L.A. is aware of the division of the topic, and recently came out as opposed: “Before we divide this state around the proposal for new twin tunnels, let’s understand all of our options.”

    #3 John Chiang, state Treasurer wants to continue the debate: “Despite new financing by the Metropolitan Water District, we must first ensure that we are doing everything possible to protect our ecosystems, our water supply and our economy. … That’s why I believe it’s important to continue this debate.” It also sounded like Chiang thinks the tunnels should be voted on. My concern with that is that with all of the marketing the Brown Administration has done, scaring people about sudden loss of their water supply due to an earthquake (not valid, just a scare tactic), and the number of people who still aren’t aware of the real issues with the tunnels, I’m not sure voters have the right information to make an informed decision.

    #4 Gavin Newsom is for one tunnel and has bought into the “Something has to be done to fix the plumbing in the Delta” story line! He said, “One tunnel might be OK. The status quo is unacceptable. But that can’t be our only approach. I strongly believe California must work to reduce our dependence on the delta by focusing on regional solutions, investing in critical water infrastructure like recycling and ground water replacement, and conservation.” Maybe he isn’t a lost cause, but I sure don’t like his opening remarks. Keep sending him your Delta photos and stories!

LA Times Article: “When it comes to the California delta, none of Gov. Jerry Brown’s potential successors have tunnel vision” (the title is misleading, since Newsom may).

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