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The Two-Gates Project and other Delta Issues

The current government water plans, including the 2-Gates Project, Peripheral Canal, Sen. Feinstein’s Senate Jobs Bill Amendment, and November Bond Bill will have serious negative effects on the California Delta region.

We believe there are more rational ways to achieve the state-wide objectives. The Delta is more than a “plumbing fixture” to export drinking water to Central and Southern California. The Delta is an important freshwater estuary: important for the ecosystem and important to thousands who enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and water sports.

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Who are we?

STCDA is a non-profit association based in Discovery Bay.

Our Mission Statement

Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) is a public interest association committed to working with local, state, and federal government to create a balanced state water plan that keeps the California Delta a safe and healthy environment for all who live here while providing clean water exports for other areas of the state.

Take Action

Join us in protecting the California Delta. Our association has already made significant headway against the “2-Gates Project.” We are being heard but need your help to continue to keep the Delta safe!

Click on the Call to Action tab to find out what you can do to help.


Your tax deductible donations to STCDA (formerly STBDF) have been used to-date to hire experts to support our legal advisor. Your donations funded an independent scientist who’s report was an important part of the successful postponement of the 2-Gates project!

More donations are needed NOW to ensure the 2-Gates project is permanently terminated and to represent the Delta communities interests when new projects being proposed that would impact the Delta. Other uses will be for the direct costs of making the public aware of all water diversion projects. STCDA is a voluntary organization and does not, nor does it anticipate, any expenditure for salaries or wages.

Keep track of our progress. Click on the Fundraising tab to track our efforts towards our fundraising goal.

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