2017 Fundraising Drive – Help Us Save the Delta

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(STCDA is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit)

2017 Fundraising Status – Thank You Very Much !

Our generous donors exceeded our original goal, allowing us to do even more towards saving the Delta !!!

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2017 Donors (as of 8/8/2017)

DBYC Fire & Ice Gala – Thank you DBYC Splashers & donors!
Save the Delta Charity Golf Event – Thank you participants!

Delta Stewards ($5,000 +)
A big thank you!
James Anderson
Matt Ellison
Robert & Catherine Vila
Todd Welling

Protectors of the Delta ($1,000-$4,999)
Dale Breen
Gary and Rosemary Colledge
Mark Cooper
Clark Ebinger
Jim & Tamra Williamson
Rivers End Marina
Ed & Jean Stewart
Everett & Nancy Watrous

Caretakers of the Delta ($500 – $999)
Bill & Carol Helfrick
Karl Koster
David Larrimore
Robert Lyman
David Medina
William Richardson
Cecily Tippery
Jesse & Suzanne Womack
John Wright

Friends of the Delta ($100 – $499)
Patricia Borison
Colin Brody
Blyth Brunt
Heather & Glen Capelli
F.L. and J. Dueming
Audrey Ellis
Linda Ellison
Don Farrow
Michael Haight
Mark Harbert
Richard & Carolyn Jamison
Mark Lambert
Tom Langley
Patti Mangan
Mike & Jan McCleery
Steve Moore
Lynda Mosher
Gene & Pamela Musselman
Vernon Nuff
Linda Olund
James & Jean Palmer
Patriots Jet Team
Rodrigo Photography
William & Barbara Schwenning
Mark Simpson
Robert Smith
Lana Terry
Marsha Walsh
Tamra & James Williamson

Supporters of the Delta ($1 – $99)
Anthony F. Brizzi, III
Ricardo Farrington
Carl & Leigh Graffenstatte
Terry Hall
Raymond & Leslie Hutchings
Carolyn & Dick Jamison
Beverly Kessler
David McGrath
Karen & Sean Murphy
Kevin Nielsen
Megan & Christian Pedrotti
Pellaton Enterprises
Jerry Roe
Scott & Karen Schmidt
Anne Siegfried
Helen Smith
Cynthia Spencer
Stockton Armature & Motor
Lisa Swift
Gary Tucker
Willowest Harbor

Donate to Save the Delta

Save the California Delta Alliance works hard to protect the Delta as a Place, protect the Delta’s fragile environment, and preserve the open waterways for boating and recreation. Please help us by investing in our efforts today. Thank you for your generosity!

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    P.O. Box 1760
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

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