Staff finds WaterFix NOT consistent with the Delta Plan!


The Delta Stewardship Staff Reports that WaterFix is not consistent with the Delta Plan!

The staff accepted two of Save the California Delta Alliance’s main arguments: that WaterFix is not consistent with D-1641 water quality requirements (meaning acceptable salinity in the Delta, particularly that it violates the Export to Inflow ratios); and that WaterFix does not respect local land uses because of impacts on recreation and legacy communities.

This is big!

The first argument about water quality is what many groups fighting the tunnels have been saying.

The second argument is one we (STCDA) have been pushing hard – working to protect recreation and boating throughout the Delta and protecting the legacy towns in the North Delta.

Telling testimony had been brought forward by Michael Brodsky about the horrible problems with 24×7 pile driving noise near the towns of Hood and Clarksburg – how students in elementary schools would not be able to hear their teachers speak . . . for up to 10 years. This is totally unacceptable. Construction trucks thundering through the historical Chinese town of Locke would absolutely cause those 100 plus year old buildings to crumble. These issues were reiterated by Barbara Daly representing North Delta C.A.R.E.S. California Water Research’s reams of analysis and study backed up the issues with the construction itself.

The STCDA case exposed how construction gridlock throughout the Delta roads and impossible barge traffic in all the waterways would drive tourists and boaters away – in total conflict with the Delta Plan that supposedly strives to protect the Delta as a Place for all of its wonderful aspects, including boating and recreation.

Right now the Delta Stewardship Council vote is likely tied 2 to 2. So with the staff recommending our way, this seems to be very good news.

Of course, in the lengthy battle, we have often hit what we thought was a “done deal” status to find water agencies pushing back and suing or other obstacles arising and hurdles to be overcome.

But, it is very good news and shows our arguments are on the right track. It shows your investments in STCDA are paying off and, if we can continue to fight any new challenges, we will win!

Thank you to our donors and supporters. We appreciate your support. Please continue to help us during our end-of-year fundraising.

A special thanks to Michael Brodsky and his hours and hours of pro-bono work to save our Delta !!!

Together we will win this thing! We will stop the Delta Tunnels!

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