Where are we in the Tunnel Fight?

I’ve been blogging a lot this week about the issues with the construction project and other technicalities. But people are asking about the big picture.

Where are we at?

Will Jerry Brown get his way and break ground on the Tunnels before year-end?

I don’t see that happening. But we need your support to wrap this up.


How do we Finish it Off?

The Water Board and Delta Stewardship Council vote in December:

  • Either the State Water Resources Control Board will deny the permit (hence killing the project) or add construction constraints on the project to respond to the significant issues we have raised. Those constraints may be sufficient to nix the project.
  • The Delta Stewardship Council could end up with a tie vote in December and the tunnel project as is wouldn’t be accepted for the Delta. That could squash it else take time to rework (or twist arms) and get a new vote.
  • Else if the tunnel project moves ahead, it goes to litigation. The past years of hiring expert witnesses (funded by our supportive members), testimonies, your comments, and Michael Brodsky’s hard work have built an awesome case against the tunnels. If the project moves ahead, we believe the judges will block it.
  • Ongoing: Defending our “Win” in Appeal Court: We won against the Delta Stewardship Council in 2016 and the Delta Plan. DSC appealed. We need to continue to defend our win in Appeals Court.

What do we need to finish this off and be successful? We are through with the need to hire more expert witnesses. Brodsky has built an outstanding case with facts and information to back up our claims. Much of our case is uniquely focused on boating and recreation as well as many other aspects of protecting the Delta as a Place. We think we have one of the best (or the best) cases and best chance to stop this thing!

Brodsky continues to work pro-bono for the cause (amazing!) but needs more help to come in to fight back in court. He can’t go it alone. STCDA’s case is strong and unique. We are confident and we can’t stop now! If the agencies vote for the Tunnels in December after everything they have heard, the only choice is to litigate.

We are starting our year-end fundraising. Our coffers are dry. We are behind our fundraising goal.

Please help! Donate now.

Or send a check made out to “STCDA” to:
P.O. Box 1760
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

2 Responses to “Where are we in the Tunnel Fight?”

  1. 1 Gary Tucker October 31, 2018 at 7:26 pm

    Tax deductible?.

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