Your Weekend Assignment

Reminder: Tuesday, May 8, 9:30 a.m. Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD) meets again to vote on funding the tunnels at the SCVWD’s headquarters: 5750 Almaden Expressway in San Jose.

What can you do if you cannot go to the meeting? Please send comments in before the meeting (this weekend would be great).

And if you live in San Jose, please call into the Mayor (who is up for reelection) letting him know what you think of his support for the tunnels (in a polite and courteous way, please.) Call Mayor Liccardo’s office at (408) 535-4800. Leave a short comment and leave your name and zip code.

Important Notes about Comments:

  • Write a concise comment explaining why the Delta tunnels project does not make sense for Santa Clara County. Focus on the loss of such a wonderful, nearby recreational site. If you don’t live in Santa Clara County but have some other relationship (such as use to live there, family lives there now and visits the Delta on weekends, etc.) add that.
  • Make sure your comment includes your name, city of residence, zip code.
  • State that you would like your comment added into the record.

PASS ALONG TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES WHO DO LIVE IN SANTA CLARA COUNTY. It’s important that the Board realizes that this is a big hit to their constituents and diminishes the value of Santa Clara being located so close to such a wonderful weekend and vacation spot.

Here are the SCVWD Board’s email addresses. If you live in Santa Clara Valley, look up your District # using this map finder and write to your representative:

Name   District   Email   Stance on Tunnels
Barbara Keegan   2   For  
Gary Kremen   7   For  
John L. Varela   1   Against  
Linda J. LeZotte   4   Against  
Nai Hsueh   5   On the fence  
Richard Santos   3   Against  
Tony Estremera   6   On the fence  

Or to send them all email:

Comments can also be sent online via this website link click here.

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