STCDA’s Day at the SWRCB.

Shown above leaving the hearings: Mike Guzzardo, Jan McCleery, and Captain Frank Morgan.

STCDA is working with other Delta advocates to stop the tunnels by protesting the state’s attempt to get a permit to take water directly from the Sacramento River. The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) is currently holding hearings on whether or not to grant this permit. Part I of the hearings are ongoing now; Part II will continue through 2017.

STCDA’s “day in court” was Tuesday Nov 30th. Jan McCleery, Captain Frank Morgan, and Mike Guzzardo represented the Discovery Bay/South Delta viewpoint. In addition, STCDA had hired two expert scientific witnesses to discuss water quality affects from the tunnels on Discovery Bay and the South Delta. Michael Brodsky, STCDA’s legal council, represented us.
First Michael B. provided opening remarks. Next were testimonies of STCDA’s two expert witnesses about how the tunnels would adversely affect Discovery Bay water. Jan’s testimony was about how Discovery Bay relies on fresh water as a community. Frank talked about his tourism business and the algae problem and invasive weeds. Mike G. testified about real estate issues we have already faced due to the toxic algae and how real estate values will go down if the tunnels go in.

It was difficult for us to make some of our key points because Part I does not include recreation, so everything about how we are a boating community and the effect of boating, swimming, or fishing on our economy and lives was censored from our testimonies until Part II. (Yes “censored” – actually redlined out.) After our testimonies, we were cross-examined by DWR lawyers who tried to pick apart our testimonies.

In summary, Brodsky made points about how the Delta Tunnel plan has missing operational procedures and rules that Discovery Bay and the South Delta needs to keep our water fresh. He provided key reasons why the EIR is inadequate and needs to be re-done. Hopefully the SWRCB will have many reasons to not to give the state a permit.

Part I was the economic impact. Part II (next year) includes the impact on Recreation.

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