2016 – The Year in Review for STCDA

In 2016, Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA) made progress in the battle to save the Delta. But the battle is far from over. Please make a year-end gift to help STCDA work to win this fight in 2017.

Major Accomplishments in 2016:

  • In June, STCDA won our law suit against the Delta Plan! See “We Won!” https://nodeltagates.com/2016/05/29/we-won/ This means the Delta Plan will need to incorporate minimum water flow requirements and alternatives to the tunnels.
  • More recently STCDA had our day at the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) hearings being held to give the state a permit to start pumping water from the Sacramento River. https://nodeltagates.com/2016/12/16/stcdas-day-at-the-swrcb/. Representing Discovery Bay and the South Delta required STCDA to hire two expert witnesses as well as solicit community volunteers to testify (Jan McCleery, Captain Frank Morgan, and Mike Guzzardo volunteered). But most importantly, required our STCDA lawyer’s continued willingness to fight for our cause pro-bono. But after seven years pro-bono, it’s time we started to covering some of his legal fees.

In 2017, the SWRCB hearings will continue. The Part II hearings consider the impacts of the Delta Tunnels on Delta Recreation and Fishing. STCDA definitely plans to be involved in those hearings to protect Discovery Bay and South Delta recreational interests. However, in order to continue this fight, we need to do some major fundraising efforts.

The Delta is the largest estuary west of the Mississippi and should be, like Lake Powell in Utah/Arizona, declared a National Recreation Area. Both have over 1,000 miles of winding waterways and scenic beauty, best explored by boat. What a shame it would be to lose this treasure that Americans can now explore and enjoy.

To donate via PayPal

Or send a check made payable to “STCDA” to:
P.O. Box 1760
Discovery Bay, CA 94505

Thank You!

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