The Delta Tunnel’s are Back :-(

Here we go again! The Delta Tunnel Plan is back.

They just released the updated BDCP/California WaterFix (aka Delta Tunnel) Plan. Here is the link for you to browse through the tens of thousands of pages and at least a hundred (or more) files:

My concerns (besides the fact that the Delta Tunnel plan is moving again):

  1. There is only a 45 day comment period! Until August 31, 2015. Last time we had 180 days.
  2. They say they incorporated 12,000 comments (good) but they failed to post the comments so no one can tell what was incorporated and what was not.
  3. There are only two public meetings and both are on adjacent days. That seems pretty unreasonable to only hold two, both in the North, and on the same week. There should be at least four, on 3-4 different weeks, and one in Discovery Bay. The two public meetings are in Sacramento July 28 and Walnut Grove July 29.
    But as we know, they are afraid to come to Discovery Bay. Our turn-outs are too big and they don’t want to face us. I love Discovery Bay 🙂
  4. The two meetings aren’t even presentations or group meetings. They are one-on-one’s with the field reps. Sounds like those ineffective “In-Delta Meetings” they held. Those weren’t helpful. You can talk to a field rep but like the “In Delta Meetings”, your comments went nowhere, weren’t recorded accurately, etc. Plus the reps didn’t know anything/had nothing to help us understand the plan.
  5. They say you can talk to a court recorder (3 minute limit) if you want your comments videotaped, but again, no one else can hear those and discuss them. This is a very lousy way to conduct a public review meeting.
  6. No videoing during this meeting. They “say” that’s to encourage full participation. From the “In-Delta Meetings” where they got after Gene Beley and CBS’s Linda Yee when videotaping, we think that instead it is to suppress the information from getting out. Partipants were always asked the participants if it was OK to videotape. No one ever minded and it certainly did not suppress participation. They are afraid the protests will show up on the evening news.

You can comment as much as you like. Here’s the email link: Here’s their link about how to make effective comments.

2 Responses to “The Delta Tunnel’s are Back :-(”

  1. 1 Nicky July 10, 2015 at 4:16 am

    I did not see where you commented on USBR plan for barriers or gates at 3 Mile Slough, Georgiana Slough, Columbia Cut and Turner Cut, or the plan for in-Delta water storage islands, which is in comment period until July 15 2015 with US Army Corps of Engineers. The in-Delta water storage proposals are a primary reason for Delta gates proposals so that should be a BIG focus for you.
    Here’s the link:
    USBR plan for more Delta barriers:

    Click to access ESS-03+Management+Draft_02132015.pdf

  2. 2 Laurelee Barnes July 10, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Please make it easy for us to support. Please send a couple concise sample letters and the emails of parties to send it to.
    Thank you.

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