If the State’s PR put out “real” messaging

If the State’s PR put out “real” messaging it would read something like this:

INSTEAD, as Burt Wilson correctly points out in his blog “Oh no! Not Again!”, here’s the state’s PR piece about the Delta Tunnels:

Burt says, “Just when we thought that the California Water Fix” (aka BDCP Delta Tunnels plan) “had come up with the dumbest campaign ever, they have gone and topped themselves.” He goes on to say break down why their PR is so wrong:

“We know,” they say (as if they are the only ones who can figure out their own campaign) “that California’s aging (there’s that word again. I think they mean that it’s as old as the governor!) water distribution infrastructure makes (they put in a verb here as if the water infrastructure can act!) dry years in our state even worse.” Can you believe this? The static water infrastructure can act to make dry years even worse?

And do you wonder how our aging infrastructure can “strain” our water supply? Once more they throw words to the wind as if they were meaningless–which this campaign is, by the way.

Is this what their PR agency is actually being paid for? I wish they would tell us how our aging infrastructure makes our dry years even worse!”

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