Comments Due on the 3 Dams by April 16

Plans are moving forward to approve putting rock dams in three sloughs: False River (just west of Franks Tract and the typical navigation route for boats traveling from the South Delta to San Francisco), Sutter Slough and Steamboat Slough (in the North Delta). These would impact boating and navigation. Worse, they are being proposed by the water contractors to enable them to continue to over-export water south.

Opinions about the dams vary. There is a chance the False River one could actually help water quality in the South Delta. However, there are more that have negative opinions:

  1. They could (to me, it seems likely) become permanent. They definitely will be full-time over this summer since they are rock dams, not like the previously proposed opening gates.
  2. They are not planned to be fully removed. The wing dams on the side will remain. What will that do to the water flow during high tides? Will it be safe to boat through?
  3. There is a massive hyacinth/egeria densa problem in the Delta that is caused by low water flows. Frank’s Tract could become a meadow if the water flow is tampered with. Marinas are already having to spend millions of dollars of their own money to control invasive plants. If there are dams on Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs, the hyacinth problem there will be horrendous as there will be little or no water flow.
  4. This will have a negative effect on boating all over the area. False River is a well used navigable waterway as are Steamboat and Sutter Sloughs. The boating and marina industry is already suffering in the Delta along with restaurants and resorts.
  5. I worry that the barriers are part of the overall plan to “wall in” the delta and create a pipeline from Sacramento to the Forebay to export water south. These dams are 3 of a dozen or so that were seen on the BDCP maps in 2009 as part of the “through-the-Delta” peripheral canal plan.

UPDATED April 14, 2014: There’s a different email address than the one sent out previously:

SUBMITTING COMMENTS: Written comments, referencing Public Notice SPK-2014-00187 must be submitted to the office listed below on or before April 16, 2014.

Bill Guthrie, Project Manager
US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District
1325 J Street, Room 1350
Sacramento, California 95814-2922

The Corps is particularly interested in receiving comments related to the proposal’s probable impacts on the affected aquatic environment and the secondary and cumulative effects. Anyone may request, in writing, that a public hearing be held to consider this application. Requests shall specifically state, with particularity, the reason(s) for holding a public hearing. If the Corps determines that the information received in response to this notice is inadequate for thorough evaluation, a public hearing may be warranted. If a public hearing is warranted, interested parties will be notified of the time, date, and location. Please note that all comment letters received are subject to release to the public through the Freedom of Information Act. If you have questions or need additional information please contact the applicant or the Corps’ project manager Bill Guthrie, 916-557-5269,

(Old information below)

If you have concerns about these dams, send your comments in to, or by telephone at 916-557-6746.

The original Army Corps of Engineers notice is provided below.

——– Original message ——–
From: “Imamura, Eileen R SPK”
Date:04/01/2014 3:07 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: “Simmons, Zachary M SPK”
Subject: Public Notice SPK-2014-00187 – Emergency Drought Barriers project (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento District has posted Public Notice SPK-2014-00187 to

The California Department of Water Resources has applied for a permit to place dredged or fill material in approximately 3.89 acres (0.75 acre permanent and 3.15 acres temporary) of waters of the United States to construct three temporary salinity barriers. Proposed barriers would be located in Sutter Slough, approximately 1.25 miles downstream of the Sacramento River, Steamboat Slough, approximately 0.95 miles downstream of the Sacramento River, and False River, approximately 0.4 miles east of the San Joaquin River.

Written comments and/or a request for a paper copy of the notice may be submitted to project manager Zachary Simmons, by mail at 1325 J Street, Room 1350, Sacramento, California 95814-2922, by email at, or by telephone at 916-557-6746.

Comments must be received by April 16, want to get on the bus!
&body=I want to go to Sacramento July 17th! My Name: Address: Phone#:” =”

Eileen Imamura
Administrative Officer, Regulatory Division
US Army Corps of Engineers, Sacramento District
1325 J Street, Room 1350, Sacramento, CA 95814-2922
916-557-5262 FAX: 916-557-7803

Let us know how we’re doing. Please complete the survey at:

Information on the Regulatory Program.

Regulatory Public Notices:

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

1 Response to “Comments Due on the 3 Dams by April 16”

  1. 1 Phillip K. Frame April 13, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    Mr. Guthrie, In regards to the two temporary dams on Sutter & Steamboat Sloughs, why not dam Georgiana Slough and close the Delta Cross Canal gates ? Any navigational chart of the area will clearly show that Sutter Slough enters into Steamboat Slough. Steamboat Slough itself parallels the Sacramento River and comes together within a few hundred yards of The Sacramento River North & upstream of Rio Vista.
    If the gates at Walnut Grove are to be left open and Georgiana Slough is not dammed then the excess water will be diverted to the San Joaquin River and NOT the Sacramento River which is to hold back the salinity from San Francisco Bay as has been stated in the Sacramento Bee..


    Phillip K Frame, Clarksburg, Ca.

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