U.S. Department of Interior – Bureau of Reclamation “2 Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project” HAS BEEN DELAYED to review the science behind the study.

But don’t let down your guard…..they are just pausing to regroup. The 2-Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project was developed by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and they are pushing HARD to get this 2 gates project through.

Guess who provided the “science” behind the project… Southern California Water… can you say conflict of interest?


Hello Friends and Happy New Year. We have received dozens of emails and calls in the last few weeks about the recent news stories.

The GOOD news is that we had an effect on the process but be sure that this is NOT over…

· Our meeting with Government Officials in December in Stockton was a great first step bringing residents together with local and federal government to discuss potential health and safety issues with the 2 gates project and work toward a solution that will benefit everyone. Thanks again to Supervisor Mary Piepho and her staff for setting the meeting up which was a first of its kind for SFBDF and allowed us to be a part of the process which is what we are all looking for.

· We are guardedly happy…but, if you have been reading the news carefully – you will note that a prominent UC Davis biologist states that gates WILL be needed in the delta (so it may be a matter of time)…we are developing proof, through research and reports, that the gates (in the Southern Delta and Discovery Bay)…could be disastrous. We know for sure the water flow will be increased to the Interior Valley and Southern California and we live very close to that “conveyance” so we need to remain vigilant in order to protect our health, safety and navigational rights.
Thank you ALL for your support and encouragement. With your help we submitted more than 2500 comment sheets within 4 – 6 weeks, developed a web site, have had quite a bit of press, have community signs, put together a community meeting of 400+ people, been meeting w/agencies and politicians…this has been amazing.

We need to continue to stay on top of ALL OF THE Federal and State water plans – as many of them could be harmful to our community.

We still need YOUR help as we raise funds for expert research, legal comments and briefs, and possible future litigation as we continue to push the Bureau to submit honest Environmental Impact Statements that look out for our community and the communities around us in the greater Delta Region instead of fast tracking projects without any study or discussion with our local residents.

We are looking to raise $140,000 and have raised more than $20,000 so far.

Please make your tax deductible donations on our website ( http://www.nodeltagates.com) using PayPal OR

make out a check payable to ” SFBDF”
Mail your checks to:
Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation 4112 Windward Ct. Discovery Bay, CA, 94505

“Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation (SFBDF) is a public interest organization committed to working with local, state, and federal government to create a balanced plan that offers water for everyone and also makes the California Delta and San Francisco Bay a safe and healthy environment for all who live here.”





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