Dear Friends-

I want to thank everyone for helping get the word out about our meeting last night (November 23rd) at Discovery Bay Elementary School. It was a strong turnout from hundreds of members of the Discovery Bay and Delta Community with some excellent presentations by Michael Brodsky, Scott Mann, Roger DiFate and several government officials that are all working to help us STOP the 2 Gates Project.

Our committee is fueled by your energy and the passion that you all bring to the table and we are committed to a long fight with your support.

Online donation is now live and set up at www.nodeltagates.com thanks to our fabulous webmaster Thomas Hentschel.

If you have contacts in the media or contacts with technical expertise let us know!

Also, we still urgently need:

  • A Biologist with Delta specific knowledge.
  • A Historical Consultant familiar with section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act

We are still submitting comments to the Bureau of Reclamation and will be collecting them at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club this SUNDAY from 4 – 7 pm. If you have comment sheets to send in stop by and see Karen Mann at the yacht club. She will collect your forms, make copies and submit to ALL the agencies…saving you a lot of time. You can get more comment forms off the web or you can get them Sunday from Karen and fill them out at the Yacht Club.

Here’s an article about last night’s meeting from Doug Caldwell at the Central Valley Business Times (including photographs and audio interviews with me and Roger DiFate) CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE AND LINKS . Doug has been great helping us get the message out.

You have all been fantastic about supplying information to us, know that we can’t do this alone. Keep the energy up and the information flowing…and if you know someone who can help us now’s the time for YOU to reach out to them. We can’t possibly make all the calls and write all the letters we need to alone.

We have until MONDAY for comment cards to the Bureau of Reclamation.

December 1 – 31 we submit comments to the Corps of Engineers.

We still have a lot to accomplish and our committee is meeting Monday to refine our action plan. We are also going to be creating a video to get our message out virally.

We’ll be in touch next week!

Thanks again for working to keep the California Delta a place to cherish and live.


Mike Guzzardo – Direct Cell 925.864.5757

Media Relations – Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta Foundation http://www.nodeltagates.com

1 Response to “11-24-09 SFBDF UPDATE TO ALL MEMBERS”

  1. 1 Dave Teesdale November 28, 2009 at 9:41 am

    I am absolutely opposed to ANY device that restricts free passage on the California Delta.

    Arnold, Don’t be such a jerk for once.

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