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The following letter was read at the meeting yesterday in Discovery Bay by our member Michael Brodsky, and signed by many of the people in attendance. For the folks that were unable to sign yesterday, but wanted a way to sign this letter on our web page, please read at the end of this post.

We, the undersigned, submit these comments in mass to express our grave concern that adequate consideration has not been given to the environmental, economic, and cultural impacts of the proposed 2-gates project. We also express grave concern that the stated purpose of the project, to alter smelt behavior in the delta, is little more than wishful thinking without adequate scientific support.
Because any benefits of the project are, at this time, speculative at best, and the potential for negative impacts so great, we are confounded that the BOR has elected to cut environmental corners by proffering a FONSI instead of conducting a full environmental analysis and producing an adequate EIS. It appears to us as if the BOR is in a headlong rush to begin construction despite many red flags auguring for caution and more careful scientific analysis before any decision to proceed is made. We sincerely hope that you will reconsider the rush to break ground and will take the necessary time to make an adequately informed decision.

The BOR extended the comment period (originally 30 days) by two weeks, albeit two weeks including the Thanksgiving holiday. Based on the information presented below, we believe that it is obvious that starting construction on this project in December 2009, as the BOR originally intended, is completely out of the question. Given the amount of work BOR has yet to do to justify the project, a more realistic start date (if indeed serious investigation reveals any merit to the project) would be December 2011 at the earliest. We request a further extension of the comment period of at least 90 days from the date such extension is announced. We believe that comments in response to this EA will be useful to the BOR in scoping and performing a full Environmental Impact Statement, which we also believe is mandatory in this situation.

A blue ribbon panel of independent scientists has reviewed the project and concluded that the project proposal “has some significant shortcomings and problems.” CALFED Science Program, Science Review of the Two Gates Project, September 29, 2009 (“CALFED Science Review”) at 10. Chief among these is that “[a] critical element of project design, the smelt behavior model, is incomplete and not connected to existing literature on fish behavior models.” CALFED Science Review at 11. CALFED concludes that the assumptions about smelt behavior upon which the entire project is based have never been substantiated: “[s]ince the behavioral rules are biologically questionable, the assumptions that they will capture the response of fish to the Two Gates operations is a central defining CALFED bay-delta program web siteaspect of the project that needs substantiation.” Simply put, with the information that is available at this time, there is no reason to believe that the 2-Gates project will do anything at all to achieve its purpose, which is the alteration of smelt behavior. On the other side of the ledger, the very significant and far reaching impacts of the project on the hydrodynamics and water quality of the delta are firmly established by the BOR’s own documentation: “Changes would occur to channel flows (direction, magnitude, and/or duration) and water quality (primarily turbidity and salinity).” 2-Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project, Draft Environmental Assessment (“Draft EA”) at 123. The project “would substantially modify hydrodynamic flow patterns in the interior delta.” Draft EA at 125. Examples of altered flows acknowledged by BOR include January–February reductions in flow of 43% on Old River at Holland Cut on ebb tide and a reduction in flow volume of 33% on flood tide; a reduction in flow of 16% on Middle River at Middle River on ebb tide. Draft EA, table 3.9-3 at 221–222. In March, examples of flow reduction include a reduction of 44% on Old River at Holland Cut on ebb tide and a reduction of flow volume of 68% on Old River at Holland Cut on flood tide as well as a reduction in flow volume of 75% on flood tide on Old River at Bacon Island. Draft EA, table 3.9-4 at 223. These flow reductions and alterations raise serious questions about circulation, stagnation, accumulation of contaminants, increased deposition of sediments, algal growth, impact on human health, and fish species other than smelt. It will take serious and rigorous scientific analysis that has not yet been done to answer these and many other outstanding questions.

The BOR has concentrated almost exclusively on attempting to analyze how its project will affect smelt behavior with very little attention to other impacts that 2-gates will have on the environment. This fundamental failure to consider the wide ranging impacts of the project was not lost on the CALFED Science Review: “The Panel feels that considerable uncertainty remains around potential unanticipated consequences of the Two Gates Project operation.” CALFED Science Review at 18. Examples of impacts that the Science Review found BOR has failed to adequately consider include “potential impacts on juvenile salmon,” and “other species of concern or sensitivity, such as Sacramento Splittail,” and “Sacramento tule perch.” CALFED Science Review at 18.
Nor has BOR considered the impacts on human health. An intended result of the project is to increase residence time for waters of the central and south delta. With increased residence time, lowering of dissolved oxygen and algal growth are to be expected.
However, BOR has not considered changes in water quality due to lowering of dissolved oxygen. BOR has proposed providing stations to monitor algal growth after the gates are installed, but none of those monitoring stations is to be located in Discovery Bay where
children frequently swim.

The CALFED panel characterized the EA’s treatment of potential environmental impacts as having “little rigor.” CALFED Science Review at 18. Where our property values, the health of the environment, and the health of our children are at stake, “little rigor” is not good enough for us. We hope that it will not be good enough for you either. We request that BOR extend the comment period for at least 90 days on the currently circulating EA, and that BOR use its experience in circulating this EA to conduct the necessary science to
1) justify the project with rigorous scientific support; and
2) prepare a full scope Environmental Impact Statement.

If you would like to sign this letter (and hadn’t had a chance at the meeting), please click on this link (or on the “comments” link right below this post), state your name and address, and any other comment you wish to leave. We will add your name to the overall list of people that signed the petition.

Thank you!


  1. I totally agree with this petition.

    • Karen, please leave your name and address as well, so it can be added to the overall list. Thank you!

  2. 2273 Reef ct. Discovery Bay, Ca. 94505

    Please make sure these gates do not go up, this will destroy Discovery Bay and the surrounding areas, home values will plummet, how are we suppose to raise families in an area that will be strewn with human disease and infection, stagnant water will kill the fish, birds, and animals. Please do not go through with these gates.

  3. no on delta gates

    • Hello Chet,

      please also leave your address as well, to count on the signature sheet.
      If you don’t want to leave it here on our public web site, you can also email it to

      Thank you for your support,

  4. Please stop the two gate project.This will destroy the values of all our homes. Hasn’t this area already been hit hard enough.

  5. A 48 mile trough and tunnel system is unnecessary, especially when no real conservation or desalinization projects are offered to reduce the wasting of the water we have !

  6. Other alternative options must be explore in a full environmental impact assessment. A comment period with a public hearing before any proposed action.

  7. The comments in this petition are entirely proper. Additionally navigation on the waterways will clearly be negatively affected for a variety of reasons included probably groundings of vessels due to lower water levels and obstruction of propellers and water intakes due to probably additional weed growth. Both of these conditions can result in hazardous conditions as the loss of power for the boats can result in boats being drivien onto the rock levies by wind. Additionally the increased presssure on levies caused by daming up the waters can be expected to create levy failures causing massive flooding resulting in life and property losses.

    Dick Jamison
    21 Discovery Bay Blvd
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  8. The goal of the project appears more to divert more water south under the guise of protecting the delta smelt. The effect of which will be to drastically adversely affect the well being of all other life forms living in the delta area — human, agriculture, raptor populations, recreation and the associated income to the local, state and federal entities as a result of a degradation in water quality. High pressure, “must buy now” tactics may be an effective way to sell used cars, but it is not an efficient or honest way to preserve the environment or environmental species without incurring hugely devastating unintended consequences to the very environment, and species you are proposing to protect. The delta smelt would not be at risk today if previous delta projects (e.g. peripheral canals for one) had not been rammed through without an honest and comprehensive plan to mitigate the projects intuitively obvious adverse affects. You name the project, and today we are trying to find fixes for the problems created by “the urgent cures” of yesterday. Let’s take the time to get it right.

  9. I oppose the 2 Gates project. I object to what appears to be an ill conceived project with a hidden agenda that will affect me, my property and tens of thousands of citizens in the Southern Delta and Discovery Bay with no opportunity to discuss this openly in advance. I insist on an adequate study period with open disclosure to understand fully the environmental impact and effects on species of fish and wildlife other than Delta Smelt and the local water quality and the long term effects on the people who live here. We must allow this process of openess to lead us to a logical conclusion of whether this project truly makes sense, or not, and as a homeowner in Discovery Bay I insist on it.

    – Vinny DiNicola
    Discovery Bay Homeowner

  10. I forgot to add my address on the comment posted just prior to this one, so here it is:

    Vinny DiNicola
    4437 Clipper Dr.
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  11. I would like to sign the letter

  12. I live in discovery bay, I have seen our bay’s are starting in weed up, one great reason is lack of water movement. i’m totally against sending more water down south!! we need to take care of what we have here. thank you

  13. As a concerned resident of Discovery Bay I strongly oppose the 2 Gates Project.

    Melissa Hoffman
    4886 South Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  14. Tens of thousands of California residents live, recreate, travel, swim and fish the Delta. The health impact on those persons has not been calculated. To “protect the Delta Smelt” at the possible expense of other fish orgins has also not been considered. The damage to the eco-systems of the numerous residential tracts along the Delta apparently has not been researched.

    A slaughter of the Delta Smelt behind the gates is entirely possible when the preditor fish and mammals learn of the holding pattern each day, week and month. A lesson should have been learned in Oregon when the salmon were trapped and the Sea Lions learned when the locks were closed. They had a feeding frenzy.

    At a minimum a re-positioning of the gates needs to be considered to lessen the general impact on residental, individual, animal and fish species, as well as the overall health of the levee system near the residential communities.

    The Delta is to important to “ram-rod” some idea into implementation.


    Micahael Luddy
    Discovery Bay

  15. To proceed with this project without providing any valid studies showing potential negative side-effects is totally irresponsible. It is disturbing to learn that major support comes from the Los Angeles Metropolitan Water District, which makes the focus on the delta smelt population a very specious argument at best. Obviously there has been absolutely no attention given to such issues as the integrity of the levees once the gates are in place, the quality of the water in the populated areas that will be impacted, public safety when the gates are closed, and the financial ramifications for those of us who live in areas that will be severely impacted by this project.

    Why, at a public hearing on this proposal, were there no representatives from the side offering this proposal present?

  16. I live at 2247 Cove Ct., Discovery Bay, California. Please add my name to the signors of this letter opposing the 2 Gates Project.

  17. The premise for the Two Gate Project is based on wishful thinking, not fact! The collateral damage from this project will destroy the South Delta, as we know it.

    This project is funded by the Southern California Water Districts. Their motive is not to save the Delta, but to take more water from it, regardless of the consequences to the Delta.

    There is only one way to solve California’s water problems. Build desalinization plants in Southern California. This will provide a limitless and never ending supply of fresh water for Southern California. Desalinization will allow us to stop sending Delta water south, thus saving the Delta. It is a win-win situation!

    Lowell Thomas
    2181 Prestwick Drive
    Discovery Bay, CA

  18. It is baffling to me that our legislation would be willing to pass such an expensive and thoughtless bill at this point in our economic history without considering the effects on over 10,000 residents – just bizarre! I am a HUGE supporter of our Governor but under these circumstances I am begining to question my loyalties!

    Please be considerate and thoughtful when making decisions that affect so many of our friends, neighbors, childred, home values, safety, and our wildlife!

  19. Although I am personally adamantly against these gates, at the very least please allow more time for proper study and evaluation before putting at risk our environment and wildlife, homes and economy.

    Thank you.
    Eva Wilkinson
    P. O. Box 1058
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  20. add my name to the petition
    Rodney Wray

  21. Halt the 2 gates until all factual reports, factual studies have been completed and the State of California is willing to buy out every property owner for the devasation that this project will incur.

  22. Please add my name to the petition>>Richard Chase

  23. Take some of the 80 million and apply it to a better filtration system near the intakes at the pumping stations at the forebay.

    Douglas Wall
    Windward Point
    Discovery Bay, Ca.

  24. My husband and I waited and saved for years to be able to live by the water. I swim, fish and play in my backyard, but this will end if the 2 Gates Project is allowed to proceed. The tides that bring in fresh water and allow water movement won’t be able to do just that, and we will have stagnant water, dead fish and toxic algae, among other things. I question the motives behind the Metropolitan Water authority of Southern California, who is a major contributor to “saving the Delta Smelt?” I hardly think they give a thought to that little fish, but more to cleaner water for themselves. This is another attack by the people who want Northern California water. I vote “NO” on the 2 Gates. Save the San Francisco Bay and Delta waters!

  25. I would like to sign the letter

  26. We relocated from Boston MA to Discovery Bay 6 months ago because of the sheer beauty of the Delta and all that it has to offer. This is my family’s 1st home and it is disturbing that the powers that be are not only allowing, but pushing a project like this to go through despite the potential damage that it may do as well as the safety hazards that it creates without even doing a complete study of the ramifications. This is clearly not about smelt. Please stall this project log enough to really look at what it may do to the lives of so many families.

  27. We request an extendtion so that further review can be completed.

  28. The comments in the petition are insightful and show the downside of this proposal.

    Perhaps one of the most detrimental impacts of this proposal is the probability of increasing the pressure and height of the water on the levies that are up-flow from the dams. It seems likely that this will lead to levy failures resulting in flooding that can lead to deaths and serious and costly property damage. Even when the gates are open, there will be restriction on the flow of water that could result in levy failures. After Katrina one would expect greater concern for the impacts of increased pressure and water height on our levies.

    As water depths downstream of the dams decrease, there will be groundings of boats that can lead to accidents and injury to persons as well as damage to boats.

    As water turbidity decreases there will be more water weeds resulting in restricted navigatibility and cloged water intakes on boats and fouled propellers. This logically will lead to disabled boats leading to accidents and damaged property as well as potential accidents injuring people.

  29. 5691 Starboard Dr.

  30. 5691 Starboard Dr,
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  31. 5450 Edgeview Dr.
    Discovery Bay,CA 94505
    Please add my name to the petition.

  32. We are against the adding of these gates in the Delta. I am in full agreement to the letter written above.

    Jerry & Adele Baker
    1612 Dune Point Court
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  33. I urge the State to not install the gates in the Delta. They will destroy the area around them and create a safety hazard.

  34. I agree with this letter and believe there needs to be a lot more fact finding to determine the real cost of these 2 gates in possible negative impact to the delta.

  35. What is congressman George Miller’s position on the 2 – Gates Project? If he is against it, we need to get him committed.

  36. A complete environmental impact assessment must be file with proposed alternatives. There should be a public comment period and a public hearing following the filling of assessment before any proposed action.

  37. I agree with the letter. We all see through this charade. You want to protect the delta smelt so you are building gates that will kill other fish species. The water quality and it’s effects have not been studied. The south delta needs the tidal flush to keep the toxic algae blooms down and protect the water quality for the existing fish species there. Please do not build these gates for water delivery. Use de-salinization!

  38. I am opposed of building the gates.

  39. I am in agreement with and endorse the above letter.

    It is an outrage that the people we put in office are ramming this down our throats.

    Without any scientific evidence good or bad and absolutely no input from the general public it is directly affecting!!

    Save our way of life, our home , our delta!!!!!!
    No Delta gates!!!

    Take the 80 million and build desalinization plants in L.A.

    Jason Bordelon
    1907 dolphin place
    discovery Bay, ca. 94505

  40. Bob Beauregard
    2264 Reef Ct.
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

    A very well crafted letter addressing the many concerns of this proposed project.

    Thanks to all of you for your efforts on behalf of all of us in Discovery Bay.

  41. We oppose the two gate project.

    There really should be serious consideration to re-positioning the gates in order to lessen the impact on the residents of the Delta Areas, animals and fish.

    This money should be spent on improving the levee system.

    Sand Point Road
    Discovery Bay, CA

  42. It is freightening to think what the outcome of this could be to the eco- system & to life as we know it.

    We are opposing the building of the gates.

    Larry & Mary Watkins
    3981 Bolinas Place
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  43. We are in full agreement with this letter. The conditions in our bays and the Delta is already deteriorating. No to the Gates and the special intrest groups.

    John and Bev Seaman
    4062 Pier Pt.
    Discovery Bay, 94505

  44. No delta gates

  45. We are in agreement with and endorse the above letter.

    Robert and Wendy Phillips
    1963 Windward Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  46. I completely agree with the letter submitted. This project is going to effect many lives and many other species. No research has been doe to prove this will be a benefit to anyone other than southern California. Please don’t play this political game with our livelihood. This will come back to haunt us all in the future. Including the politicians that are pushing it.

    Ryan Frederick
    4840 Discovery Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  47. I agree with the letter submitted.

    Douglas and Deborah Frederick
    2369 Galway Ct.
    Tracy, CA 95304

  48. I agree with everything in this letter. Do not destroy the delta!

  49. I live in Southern California and think that placing the damns will ruin the ecosystem. Using the delta smelt as a gauge of the health of the delta is crazy, they are not even indiginous to this area.

  50. I agree with the above letter submitted.

    Anthony and Jessica Ornellas
    1131 Douglass Dr.
    Tracy CA 95304

  51. The Two Gates Project is a cut down version of the South Delta Improvement Project. It has nothing to do with saving the Delta Smelt, it is laying down preliminary project paving the way for a conveyance source around the Delta.

    The Delta and the aquatic life it supports is dying. More water needs to flow through the Delta so it can function as a tidal estuary. It is supposed to be the nursery of aquatic life, not a source of water for the rich corporate agriculture down the valley.

    BOR already killed the San Joaquin River. They won’t be satisfied until the kill the Sacramento River too.

  52. One month ago, I responded to the 2-Gate Project directly to the Bureau of Reclamation. It was clear while listening that evening in the school gym that the BOR had not done due diligence on the project, nor did they seem to care about the intelligent conversation that even. Their $80 million ‘experiment’ lacks the proper scientific considerations and the fallout to the residents of Discovery Bay.
    My concerns are secondary to the good folks who live in this recreational community. We have been actively searching for a waterfront home in this wonderful community since August. We are what you could call serious buyer’s. We are now concerned that values may suffer from this ill thought out project. We also have a large sailboat. These gates and detour would cause us an additional 2 hours getting out to the main channel and an equal hardship when returning. We were interested in Discovery Bay because of the life-style it creates for our retirement years. With the 2-Gate Project in place, we believe this may seriously change the very benefit we were seeking in a waterfront property.

    I am seriously against the project and agree with the other petitioner’s that it is flawed in a number of areas.
    Sign me up.
    Steve Dinger
    South Bay

  53. We agree with everything in this letter and please do the research necessary to find that this will have a major impact on the Delta.

  54. I request an extension for review of the proposed Delta GAtes for at least another 90 days.

  55. I request an extension of the review of the DElta Gates for another 90 days, at least.

  56. fubar what country is this? what happend? are we all going to look the other way?i fish there every matter what! gates are the WRONG answer.

  57. We totally agree with this petition.

    John & Elaine Caprio
    4451 Orwood Road
    Brentwood, CA 94513

  58. We strongly support NO gates in the Delta. This is just another way to destroy the Delta for those of us who live here. It will destroy the ecosystem and fisheries. It serves no purpose that to help ship clean water south.

  59. Please find a solution that benifits Northern and Southern California equally.

  60. As residents of Discovery Bay for the last twenty-one years, we totally agree and support this petition. Please stop the gates being installed on the delta, as well as the peripheral canal.

  61. Please reconsider this costly expirament.

    Glenn Hoffman
    4886 South Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  62. I have been water skiing in the Delta since 1964 and have seen the deteriation of it’s natural condition. The visibility of the water has changed from a 4″ depth to currently almost 6 feet depth. The water flow of the water on Victoria Canal has changed from the normal ebb and flow to a constant flow towards the pumps as the water rises and drops from the tides. This is not natural. The Delta must be protected and perserved in a natural state.

  63. no delta gates

  64. save our delta


  66. Save Our Delta

  67. no debate no gates

  68. Save Discovery Bay ….Christopher Ludwig

  69. No gates !!!

  70. Add my name to the petition. I oppose the installation of the two-gate project.

    A question for our water and legal experts. Do we as home owners with property on the water have any legal rights with regards to the states proposal? Navigation rights?

    Regards, Loren

  71. I strongly oppose the 2-Gates project.

  72. I strongly oppose the 2-Gates project I certainly DO NOT want U.S. Stimulus money spent to restrict the waterways in/out of Discocvery Bay.

    More time is needed to examine the possible effects of this project on the Bay and the Delta which could have significant impact on water quality, water rights & the health and safety of our community.

  73. The Bureau of Reclamation did NO Environmental Impact Report on any of the communities on or around the affected area.

    The people in the Delta communities swim, boat and fish. Damming up the wa ter and changing the flow pattern will cause stagnant water problems and can cause increased levels of blue-green algae which may cause health problems in people and animals.

  74. The plan to install as many as nine gates across navigable delta waterways is not only ill advised , but is illegal. There is a statute on the books that would preclude gates across navigable waterways.

    Stop this budding environmental and economic disaster before it gets started. The boneheads responsible for this plan should be disciplined and then educated!


  75. I agree with the above letter and am strongly opposed to the Delta Gates Project. No Delta Gates please!
    Thank you

  76. We are in full agreement with this letter. No to the Delta Gates.

    John and Marylynn Marcolina
    1952 Dolphin Place
    Discovery Bay, CA 95070

  77. Rarely does a rushed decision produce lasting quality results.

  78. We agree with the letter as stated above.
    No to the Delta Gates Project.

    John and Trisha Parker
    3937 Lighthouse Pl
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  79. Having lived 39 of my 44 years in the great state of California I cannot believe what is being proposed with the Northern California Delta. I spent time on the delta with my father over the years and had anticipated doing the same with my son in coming years. Unfortunately the State Legislature feels it is fine to ruin our delta so their constituets can continue to hose off their sidewalks! (Did I mention My family is on water reationing and paying record high water bills?)

    How about the powers that be pull their heads out, install water meters throughout the state, charge people for what they use and institute mandatory water conservation for everyone in the state on an equal basis!

  80. For some reason my last sentance didn’t make it on my post.


  81. I am in full agreement with the letter above. NO Delta Gates! Save the Delta! Stop redirecting our water to central and southern California to appease the special interest groups.

    Judy Gibb
    5594 Redondo Court
    Clayton, CA 94517

  82. Absolute NO to the 2 gates projedct. We are all concerned about the deteriation of the Delta and this will just add to the problem. I can only imagine the effects on both sides of the gates – and of paticular the Discovery Bay side. We are all aware of what is behind it and want it stpped NOW.

  83. I strongly agree with the letter above and would like to state that


  84. I am absolutely opposed to the construction of these gates or anything that restricts free movement of any people or fresh water through the California Delta.

  85. This project is the most ill conceived boondoggle of the century. If you want to save the smelt, I have an easy solution – turn the pumps off! This project is insane!!

  86. This project is very ill advised.

    The Bureau of Reclamation seems to be serving the benefit of So. Calif, at the expense of No. Calif.

    Changing the flow pattern of the Delta may cause unforeseen health and water problems in the future.

    We already know the there are problems with the Delta and the Bureau of Reclamation wants to upset the balance more. I don’t think so!


  87. Blocking these two channels ( historically navigable, charted waterways) with man-made barriers will only FURTHER upset the natural, vital balance of fish and wildlife of the Northern California Delta. In no stretch, could it be considered protection of the above.
    Secondarily, the immediate risk to human health and safety is very real. By preventing passage along these two heavily traveled channels, boaters will have to travel into the San Juaquin River, a large, shipping channel too treacherous for small craft during winter and spring seasons.
    The 2 Gate Project would be a delta crisis of a historical magnitude.

    Jamie Bolt
    Bethel Harbor
    Bethel Island, Ca. 94511

  88. Ditto!

  89. Without a complete environmental impact report, the 2-Gates project as proposed will undoubtedly create more problems and unintended consequences than ever imagined. Diverting water around one of the most ecologically sensitive and unique habitats in the State will alter the natural balance of fish, birds and other wild life. Once the natural ebb and flow of the delta/estuary region is disrupted in the manner being proposed the damage will be permanent. As stated above, saving smelt only requires shutting down the existing pumps. As far as providing water to Southern California, desalinate the pacific ocean or build reservoirs within 100 miles of where the water is needed, but leave the northern California Delta the way it is.

  90. I vehemently opppose the 2-Gates Project for a number of reasons. First and formost the destruction of the delta and it’s wildlife. In addition to this, loss of property values, heath and safety issues, loss of flow of water into the south delta and it’s overall effects on the residents of the region.

    All of this based on an “idea” from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to protect only one species of fish (the delta smelt, which is a farce) before studying the impact to northern California across the board.

    Southern California’s water needs should be remedied by building desalinization plants rather than destroying northern California and it’s eco-system.

    John Spiess
    San Francisco

  91. I am a homeowner here in the delta and I am very concerned about the 2-gates and the colateral damage it will cause! Please, NO GATES, NO CANAL!



  94. Please add my name to this letter. I strongly agree with this letter.
    Bill Hamstra
    1275 Willow Lake Rd
    Discovery Bay,CA 94505

  95. If the Metropolitan Water District would spend their money developing desalination plants in Southern California there would be no need to take all the fresh water from the Delta. If we only had to supply the central valley farmers there would be no water shortages.

  96. I live in Discovery Bay and love the Delta. I agree with this letter. Please sign my name. Pamela Koch

  97. I grew up boating in the Delta. You are making a big mistake and the consequences may be undoable. Please sign my name to the letter. I agree with its contents. Jon Koch

  98. I am in complete agreement of the above letter.

  99. This is a very big mistake and the people in Discovery Bay are very concerned of the overall impact to the economy and water quality.

  100. This is a big mistake – think long a hard of what you could be doing to all of the communities that rely on the boaters enjoying the beautiful waterways!!


  102. Do not ruin our Delta because of money.

  103. no to two gates, the letter says it the best and I am in agreement.

  104. No to two gates, we need to preserve our water, wildlife and our beautiful Delta. Find other ways to get water to Southern California.

  105. No to two gates, we need to preserve our water, wildlife and our beautiful Delta. Find other ways to get water to Southern California.

    5730 Beaver Lane
    Discovery Bay, CA

  106. No to the gates – this plan is just wrong!

  107. This is not the answer to our states water problems. Using the Delta Smelt as the excuse for these gates just doesn’t make sense to anyone with common sense. Please do not turn our Delta into another Owens Valley.

  108. I oppose the two gates project as it will destroy our delta water ways. I support the above letter.

  109. I have been living here in the Delta for 12 years and coming here for 38 and completely agree with this letter.
    For such a poject to commence without a complete environmental study in regards to the negative impact it may have locally and in the entire South Delta is unconscionable.

  110. Please read this letter and take into condsideration what we as a people who live here are trying to get across as to the impact that this project will have on our lives. This will impact the whole delta and multiple counties in northern california!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Please add my name to the petition.

    Lowell Onstad

  112. Please add my name to the Petition.

    Joanne Onstad

  113. Please add my name to the Petition

    Lowell Onstad

  114. Additionally Southern California needs to find a way too get their own water. This is a water war that comes up every few years. We are not responsible for the water that they require. Take it from the Colorado River (no wait that would take away some of there water sporting area). I grew up down there and we would take our boats out to the river for the weekends. I thought Arnold passed a bill or is proposing one for the ballot to protect and to maintain the delta. How does this comply with that?????

  115. The 2-Gate project will devastate Discovery Bay by devaluing home properties, businesses, destroy water quality, and hurt and/or kill many different fish, turtles, and other delta water life. Please stop the 2-Gate Project.

  116. I have lived in Discovery Bay for 10 years and have visited The Delta since the mid 1960’s. I agree with this letter and am also concerned with how the reduction in the quality of our water will not only create health issues for swimmers but also may eventully affect the quality of our drinking water.

    Walt Sweet
    57775 Woodland Ct.
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  117. We strongly oppose the 2 gates project. We need to have tidal flow throughout the entire Delta system into the San Francisco Bay to have a healthy ecosystem. We, and the other 5 million people who make up 5 Delta counties, deserve and demand good, clean, water- quality for our drinking water, fisheries, delta farmers, delta business, recreation and our quality of life. Putting in the 2 gates project will turn our area into a toxic, stagnant, cesspool. This projects goal is nothing more than exporting more water, faster, to the huge corporate agri-business down south. If you want to save the smelt,turn off the pumps. If Westlands, Kern county and Metropolitan Water District invest in desalinization, recycle, conserve, they would have all the water they need (wouldn’t even need a $50 billion canal). Let the Delta heal, it needs water flow -now !!!

    Mike & Judy Hall
    58 Cloverleaf Cir.
    Brentwood, Ca. 94513

  118. I agree with this letter.

    Ro Sweet
    5775 Woodland Ct.
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  119. I strongly oppose the “Two Gate” project. Please consider doing your responibility of studying the cummulitive effects of this project has on all areas of the Delta.

  120. I have lived in Discovery Bay for 10 years and visited The Delta since the mid 1960’s. I strongly agree with this letter. My fears extend beyond health issues related to swimming and include concerns about how our drinking water will ustimately be effected by a reduction in water quality.

    Walt Sweet
    5775 Woodland Ct.
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  121. I am in support of the above letter and oppose the two gates project. I beleive an impartial impact study of this proposal will clearly show the significant negative aspects to the residents and wildlife in the south Delta. In addition, any potential benefit to the Delta Smelt population appears to be pure speculation at this point.

    Clearly the farmers in the Central Valley need water for their crops as they contribute greatly to the economy of this state. However, given that they are by far the largest users of the Delta water it would seem that investing in ways to make the farmers use of that water more efficient, such as drip irrigation and sprinklers versus flooding, would reduce the volume of water required to be pumped south. How about investment tax credits, research investment grants and other incentives for the farmers to use less water? Less volume of water pumped out of the south Delta will not only push back the salt water incursion but take the pressure off of the Delta Smelt spawning losses.

    No gates are going to change the genetically programmed spawning cycle of the Delta Smelt. The adult fish, eggs and young will get to those pumps no matter what. Reduce the flow at the pumps by conserving water use in the Imperial Valley.

  122. There is no science showing that the delta smelt will benefit from this project. It is an $80,000,000 boondoggle to appease the environmental concerns to justify pumping more water to the central valley and southern California. There has to be conclusive study done with changes in the project made to mediate the damage that will be done to the ecology of Discovery Bay. This project will severely impact the economy of the boating related businesses on Bethel Island, in Discovery Bay, and for the marinas in the area. The gates pose a danger to boating and the safety of all boaters whether they are recreational boaters, fishermen or yachtsmen. Pursuing this project will result in countless unintended and negative consequenses

  123. I am vehemently opposed to this project.

    As a 40 year resident of Bethel Island & Life Member of Diablo Water Ski Club, it is my understanding that these gates will prevent me from boating to our water ski site that has existed for over 50 years on Old River.

    I and my family have boated on the Delta for even longer than I have been a resident. I have seen the grasses clog sloughs due to nature’s drought induced decreased water flow & it appears to me that these gates will slow it even more; thus resulting in water whose quality will be further compromised.

    I swim in this water. I ski in this water. I boat in this water. And I pay property, boating & fuel taxes which should insure this water flows FREELY.

  124. We are strongly opposed to the 2 gate project and agree with this letter

  125. We oppose the 2 gate project and fully agree with this letter and it’s entire content.

  126. We oppose the 2 gate project and consider the entire project lacking in research.

    Michael and Sharon Luddy
    5660 Starboard Dr.
    Discovery Bay, Ca. 94595

  127. We oppose the two gates

  128. My grandchildren comeoffen to my house and not to be able to take them to Old River would be devacating to me.

  129. I oppose the two gate project, until studies have been done as to the impact on ours and surrounding comunities, the gates should not be put in.

    I agree with the content of this letter.

    Craig Chutka
    2329 Wayfarer Dr.
    Discovery Bay, Ca. 94505

  130. We strongly oppose the 2-Gates Project.

  131. My buddies and ski & fish all along the Old River between Discovery Bay and False River. We then frequently go to lunch and/or dinner in Bethel Island. Our gas tanks in our boats are insufficient to make the “detour” thru the bacon island bridge and on to Bethel Island. This will eliminate any possibility of our continuing our tradition in this area.

  132. We oppose the 2 gate project and consider the entire project lacking in research. We are very concerned about the impact of
    the gates on water quality.

  133. I am opposed to the two gates project and I am in complete agreement with the letter and am against
    this project.

    Ed Stewart
    5630 Starfish Place
    Discovery Bay CA

  134. I am against the two gates project. We love our Delta and want to keep the water flowing and our wildlife safe.

  135. I oppose the two gates project. I agree with the information presented and believe there is a better alternative.

  136. Please care about the safety of Discovery Bay drinking water and possible contamination of the San Joaquin River that would prevent me and my grandchildren from swimming in the Delta water in the summer.

    Please require a thorough Environmental Impact Study before moving forward on this project.

    Please consider alternative ways to transport water to southern CA. Like covering the aquaducts instead of leaving them open like the Romans did 3000 years ago.

  137. I do not support the 2 gates project.

  138. I am strongly opposed to the 2-gate project and agree with this letter.

  139. I am very concerned about the water quality in Discovery Bay and surrounding areas. With the lack of flushing of our water I am very worried that our water quality will detriorate to the point of being unusable.

    The environmental impact of these gates must be completely understood before any decisions are made.

    Dave Ciruli


  141. I am concerned about the water quality in Discovery Bay and surrounding areas. The environmental impact of these gates must be understood before any decisions are made Lawrence W Thompson jr.

    1721 Surfside Place Discovery Bay Ca. 94505

  142. We are opposed to the 2 gates project. Damming up the water will cause increased pressure on the levies which could cause levy failure and loss of life and property.
    Water quality would be adversely affected throughout the Delta.

    Please do more research as this project would be most detrimental to the Delta.

  143. I live on Bethel Island I have been boating in the delta for 40 years and use the waters between Bethel Island, Holland Tract, and Discovery Bay frequently. The two gates would hamper my activities between these locations. Also, I’m worried about the cut off of the water in the Holland Tract area would stagnate our Diablo Water Ski Club slalom course and eventually the silt would overtake the course, and eventually close it down. I definitely don’t believe the gates will help the smelt migration. I am firmly against the building of the gates.

  144. Robert Maiers
    1241 Santa Clara St
    Santa Clara, CA 95050

    I am opposed to the gates project. It would significantly affect the delta that I have been boating in since 1966.

    Robert J. Maiers

  145. I am opposed to the Delta gates project. I believe that the gates would adversely affect the wildlife that depend on the natural flow of the Delta waters. We have made enough modifications to the Delta waters; we should not continue with more modifications.

  146. I am opposed to the Delta gates project. I believe that the gates would adversely affect the wildlife that depend on the natural flow of the Delta waters. We have made enough modifications to the Delta waters; we should not continue with more modifications.

    Carol Maiers

    1241 Santa Clara St
    Santa Clara, CA 95050

  147. I am in support of taking the time required to conduct an environmental impact study as it relates to Discovery Bay’s water quality prior to going forward with the proposed two gate Delta project.

    M. Ed Young
    1989 Newport Dr.
    Discovery Bay, CA

  148. Please add me to the signatures of those a opposed to the two gates project. It is clear more time is needed to properly inform others of the impact this project may have on all of our Delta communities. We are fearful our property values will be significantly depressed at a time when all of us are already feeling devastated by the economic climate.

  149. I am opposed to the Delta gates proposal and feel we must have proper environmental studies done and stop this rush to madness.

  150. The Hortons address is 5033 Double Pt Way, Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  151. As a 37 year resident of Bethel Island and a marina owner I am vehemently opposed to the Delta gates. It will damage, and perhaps kill, the Delta and the entire San Francisco Bay ecosystem. Why can’t the politiciaans and money grubers understand the impact this will make on all of Northern California? They are sacraficing No. Cal. for So. Cal money and influence.

  152. I feel we must have proper environmental studies done and stop this rush to madness.

  153. This must have a EIR done.

  154. We need an environmental evaluation on the effects of these gates. I believe the gates if put in place will cause severe damage to our Delta water ways.

  155. I oppose the two gates project, until studies have been done as to the impact on ours and surrounding comunities, the gates should not be put in. This is a pathetic use of tax payer dollars.
    I agree with the contents of this letter.

  156. Didn’t we go through this some years ago, and wasn’t it called the “peripheral canal” to send water to Los Angeles? As a long time Delta user I am opposed to the 2 gate plan. Enough damage has been done with the forebay and the Delta-Mendota canal with the silting in of the lower Delta.

  157. As a concerned resident of Discovery Bay I strongly oppose the 2 Gates Project. I completly agree with this letter.

    5022 Double Point Way
    Discovery Bay, Ca

  158. I strongly oppose the “Two Gate” project. Please consider doing your responibility of studying the cummulitive effects of this project has on all areas of the Delta.

    Bill Williams
    4818 Cabrillo Point
    Discovery Bay, Ca. 94505

  159. I live at 4815 Discovery Point, Discovery Bay, CA 94505…Again – for the record the 2 gates Demonstration and/or Experiment is not an experiment we as a community can withstand due to aestetic, health & safety, anticipated decreased demand for housing in our community, increased anticipated water related deaths and/or accidents, increased property damage to boats traversing the Old River area, decreased revenues to both Discovery Bay and Bethel Island, and the lack of evidence that this will be helpful to the reported declining smelt population. We request a FULL EIR report and analysis of the area affected which would include Bethel Island, Holand Marina area, Discovery Bay, Bull Frog Marina, and Orwood Resort – as these areas would be devestated by the construction of this 5 year experiment. Please consider a different location, a desalineation plant, and/or a smelt fishery. My entire family and I will be just devastated about the loss of his wonderful, peaceful, natural resource which we call our “home river”.

    We and the rest of the Discovery Bay Community moved here specifically to enjoy the waterways…as much of the 1000 miles as possible. This blockage will eliminate the most vital waterway and will result in the loss of life and property due to the increased flow when the gates are open, the lack of pubic knowledge of just when the gates will be open (this is the Golden Gate Bridge of our community – close the Golden Gate Bridge for intermitent periods of time & reopen for 15-20 minute periods and see public outcry). All this human and property loss for a project of undetermined viability due to the lack adequate research and development of the real conditions on the river. We who live on the river – respect and love our river(s) and would not dare harm them. We ask you to please reconsider this project for our sake, our children’s sake and our grandchildren’s sake. The Old River & Connection Slough is a valuable resource which should be protected.

    You can personally reach me at 4815 Discovery Pt., Discovery Bay, CA 94505 or email

  160. I fully agree with everything stated above.

  161. I am very concerned about the waterflow and the dangers that the gates will cause to the south Delta towns like Discovery Bay. There must be a full environmental study done before any more money is put into this project.

  162. I am opposed to the Delta gates project.

    James C. Long
    1809 Dune Point Way
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  163. I am completely opposed to the 2 Delta Gates project. The negative impact on our community of Discovery Bay and the entire Delta region will be devastating. We cannot sit back and watch our property values diminish and property taxes further erode our already stressed tax system in California. Our water quality has a great potential of being negitivitely impacted. Without a full enviormental study being done how can anyone justify this insane project>

    Ed Juul

  164. Add me to the petition. I believe this project is wrong and will negativitely affect an entire community.

  165. I support the comments on the petition and would like to add that in order to evaluate the scientific validity of the 2 Gates Project, there would need to be a method in place to determine whether there is a reduced number of Smelt being passed into the pumps on Clifton Forebay. According to a document I read on the Bureau’s own website, the ability to identify and count these fish is not adequate. This is a passage from a paper written by a scientist at the Tracy Fish Collection Facility:

    “Larval and juvenile fish from the Delta are difficult to identify. A complete set of taxonomic keys with color photographs and clear hand drawings have not been developed for this watershed. The objective of this study is to completely update Wang’s 1986 publication of “Fishes of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Estuary and Adjacent Waters,
    California: A guide to the early life histories”. The keys and photographs will also enable workers at the TFCF to accurately identify small fishes and larvae.”

    Here a link to the whole study:

  166. I oppose the two gates project, until studies have been done as to the impact on ours and surrounding comunities, the gates should not be installed.
    I agree with the content of this letter.

  167. I agree with the content of this letter and oppose the two gates project, pending impact studies to ours and surrounding communities. The gates should not be installed without further study.

  168. address for previous reply:
    5548 starfish place
    discovery bay, ca 94505

  169. address for previous reply:
    5548 starfish place
    discovery bay, ca 94505

  170. We oppose the 2 gate project and fully agree with this letter and it’s entire content. We believe that the gates would adversely affect the wildlife that depend on the natural flow of the Delta waters and further decrease the quality of our water.

    Mark & Cheryl Anderson
    4775 Discovery Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  171. I am in agreement with and endorse the above letter.

  172. Please add my name to this letter.

  173. I absolutely agree with the overwhelming opposition to this project and the long term harm it will do to my community of Discovery Bay, CA. I am a 21 year resident of this community.

  174. Stop the Gates

  175. We are opposed to the proposed project for many reasons including the issues with water quality in the Delta and changing the water flow patterns. Our Bays are already loaded with Egeria Densa, cutting the flow would reduce the water levels and increase the damage from this pest. We are also concerned from a safety standpoint. Gates such as this would delay emergency response from the Marine Patrol. If we are so worried about the smelt, put the gates near the pumps not in the middle of the waterways. Or, stop pumping. How easy is that?

  176. Please give more consideration to not installing the gates.

  177. NO 2 gates project!

  178. I am deeply concerned regarding the lack of research and the aforementioned ramifications of the two gate project. Moreover I am of the belief that this is the beginning of a larger delta modification plan that is not being disclosed to the public. There are many less expensive ways to help the delta smelt… so we all know that is not the motive in creating these dams. I personally request this project be immediately halted allowing for further pubic education, project impact and unintended impacts to be examined.

  179. I am deeply concerned regarding the lack of research and the aforementioned ramifications of the two gate project. Moreover I am of the belief that this is the beginning of a larger delta modification plan that is not being disclosed to the public. There are many less expensive ways to help the delta smelt… so we all know that is not the motive in creating these dams. I personally request this project be immediately halted allowing for further pubic education, project impact and unintended impacts to be examined.

  180. Please don’t sacrifice the human element for a “save the fish” element. Our homes need the Delta to remain healthy as a water source for our homes — not all of us are on the water. More studies are required to determine the consequences of the 2 Gates. Thank you.

  181. Don’t let the fish population destroy the human population. More studies are required for the 2 gates project. Thank you.


  183. Saying NO to the Delta Two Gates project. I am fully against the plan.

  184. No to the two gates project!

  185. I totally agree with this letter and need to stress that a complete environmental study must be made as to the negative effects on our local area and the entire South Delta, before even considering such project.


    Erika H. Burkhardt
    4078 Pier Point
    Discovery Bay, CA 94505

  186. No to the two gates project.


    Floyd & Aprill McBeth
    2391 Newport Dr
    Discovery Bay CA 94505

  188. I agree with this letter… this is not a good thing. think about the long term effects. we are going to have a lot of sick people if this goes tru … this is going to ruin the delta!Please do not do this!!!!

  189. I absolutely oppose the 2-Gates Project. This will be detrimental to the Delta and surrounding areas.

  190. Please add my name to the petition.

  191. Thank you folks for signing the petition, and for all your support and comments. It will all be submitted with our petition to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Comments on this topic for submission to the US BoR are now closed due to the end of the official comment period.

    However, please feel free to leave your comments, links and opinions on all other articles on our web page (there is a “Comments” link at the end of each article).

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