A lot of our STCDA members sent in comments to the Army Corps of Engineers about the short 30-day timeframe they had provided for comments on the Permit on the Tunnel Project and the need for more in-Delta meetings. THANK YOU to those that sent in comments!!!!!

If you did, you probably received a nice email reply from the Army Corps of Engineers that they have heard us and have extended the comment period to 60 days.

That’s a start – but WE NEED MORE! They are still only “considering” holding public meetings.

To REALLY get their buy-in on not permitting the tunnels, we need them to hold a meeting in Discovery Bay.

Every Town Hall we’ve held in the Discovery Bay Elementary Gym at 6 PM during the week has been OVERFILLED with 500 people attending. That REALLY showed the USBR how bad their Two-Gates project was and was one of the important steps that eventually killed that project. Having that many people at a public meeting of this sort is unheard of. We need to get them to Discovery Bay – for an evening meeting when everyone can attend.

SUGGEST A WEEKDAY at 6 PM. People can’t get up to Sacramento for their meetings during the day when they work, have kids to pick up, etc., etc.

Email To: “Simmons, Zachary M SPK”
Subject: Request public meeting on SPK-2008-00861 in Discovery Bay in the evening

If at this point if you could pour in emails requesting public hearing and Discovery Bay as location and evening as the time (saying why you can’t get to the normal Sacramento daytime meetings they always hold), that might push them to do it. Make it personal – why you can’t get to Sacramento during the day. Why public meetings in Discovery Bay draw many people who can help them understand our concerns.

Our focus needs to be on holding a public hearing in Discovery Bay some evening. At the public hearing we can request a further extension of the comment period.

The state is obviously working every angle to fast roll the tunnels through the system when they are going for the Permits in parallel with their California WaterFix public comment period! We stopped the gates by getting our message to the agencies that would be doing the work. We need the independent agencies, like the Army Corps of Engineers, to help us push back on the tunnel project!

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