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Subject: Public Comment – 2-Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project

After only a cursory reading of the 2-Gates plan, I notice that no study or consideration has been afforded to the difficulties of navigation caused when a gate is opened where a water height differential exists on opposite sides of the gates. I believe that this is potentially a huge problem in that even a small differential will cause small vessels to be drawn through the gate (especially unintentionally). Further, flow of this type is difficult to traverse in larger vessels (both upstream and downstream) as the flow can have considerable effect on these vessels in confined spaces. The potential for damage to the vessels, and more importantly, for injury and/or death to both occupants and bystanders is greatly increased.

For this reason, we oppose the project.


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  1. 1 Al Smith November 4, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Also the amount of traffic that will be forced through and past the Bacon Island bridge is already, and will be even more unsafe if the gates are operational. The width of Old River ( the main route North & South from Discovery Bay) is approximately 5 times wider than the cut around Bacon Island. Boat traffic as I mentioned is already unsafe during the period when the gates will be operational. The increase of all boat traffic in such a small waterway is not asking for accidents but only a question of how many, but how many potential fatal accidents may occur? Please re-consider the placement of these gates in an area closer to the pumps and farther away from boat and recreational traffic.

    I am also curious if you have any studies to determine the effect of these gates on the water quality in Discovery Bay? We are a water front community of 100,000 voters in the State of California. I hope that we are as important as any other citizen or voter living in this state.

    I look forward to your comments regarding the answers to these questions and your project.


    Al Smith

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