Sample Letter #2

Discovery Bay, CA, 94505

e-mail address:

Subject: Public Comment – 2-Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project

We oppose the adoption of the FONSI report for this project on the following grounds. Given that:

  • The report makes assumptions and assertions based on a number of studies referenced at the end of the FONSI report.
  • At many points in the report, the assumptions and/or assertions made are not attributed to a specific study or studies.
  • It is therefore impossible to review and correlate the validity of the assumption and/or assertion. Further, it is not possible to determine if the assumption/assertion relies is based on appropriate, current (not age depreciated) science and/or if that assumption/assertion was used “in context”.

Until and unless each assertion in the report has been properly cross-referenced to the appropriate citations, it is impossible to determine, even by expert witness, whether the assertions made constitute a valid FONSI.


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