Sample Letter #1

Discovery Bay, CA, 94505

e-mail address:

Subject: Public Comment – 2-Gates Fish Protection Demonstration Project

We were just notified regarding this project and gained access to the FONZI documents on your website. We are attempting to read and assure ourselves that all considerations have been addressed and those requiring mitigation are appropriately assessed. Given that the documents include a 12 page summary which supposedly outlines the considerations of a 315 report (with the Environmental Section encompassing over 180 pages), there is almost no way I/we can properly review the Department’s/Southern California’s Metropolitan Water District’s assertions.

As such, this project contains potentially life changing consequences and I/we object to the extremely short comment period. The USCG (the authority on the nations navigable waterways) requires a minimum 90 day comment period on anything affecting navigation, and recommends a longer period be used. We hereby request the extension of this period to a reasonable length.


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