Don’t be Fooled by their Tunnel Tricks

You may have received an email notice from our long-time adversary, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), inviting you to register and come to one or more “Community Benefits Program Workshops.” Just say “No!” to their bribery.

I urge you not to register or go to any of these workshops. This is simply DWR’s way of duping Delta residents into helping them get their giant water grab tunnel project approved. A trick. The more people who register and attend these sham meetings, the more it will help DWR hoodwink a judge into believing that this tunnel is good for the Delta and that DWR cares about us! What rot! Nonsense!

Instead, I urge you to email back to DWR at and tell them we are not interested in any tunnel workshops. What we want is to reduce exports of Delta water. We want DWR to study alternatives to a tunnel in their upcoming Environmental Impact Report, including the end of pumping Delta water hundreds of miles and up and over the Tehachapi Mountains to Los Angeles. All that money spent, and electricity wasted, pumping trillions of tons of water up and over a mountain range can easily pay for desalination, water re-use and recycling, and water conservation that will make up far more than the amount of water being drained from our precious Delta. DWR, just tell Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to stop being lazy, do their job, and develop local and regional supplies so they can stop killing our Delta!

They have been trying to build their crazy water grab tunnel since 2006, and even before that the old peripheral canal. Diverting the fresh water around the Delta is not good for the Delta! We have beaten them every time, in court, and at the ballot box. As long as Delta residents stick together and remain united against the tunnel, we will win again!

Let’s all of us stick together and Just say NO! to DWR, their tunnel, and their phony community meetings. We can’t be bribed.

Thank you!

Karen Mann, STCDA President
Jan McCleery, STCDA Past President

2 Responses to “Don’t be Fooled by their Tunnel Tricks”

  1. 1 Mark A Goble March 16, 2021 at 4:04 pm

    Hi, I just read your post. I signed up for the first workshop, and was very honest in my response to the question asked regarding what I was interested in as far as benefits.
    My response was that I wanted to keep an eye on the actions of the greedy, self interested members of their group and the destruction they are planning.
    As a proud heckler of the DCA on facebook, and the human embodiment of the t-shirt mouse as he is being swooped down upon by the eagle, I might like your idea better.
    Metropolitan, their DCA and their DWR lapdogs are far too powerful and well funded to fight without an organized plan of attack. Im wondering if Restore the Delta, you folks and the rest of us that can see the real plan here can join together to make this plan?

  2. 2 Jan March 16, 2021 at 4:13 pm

    Thanks for your comments, Mark.

    Interesting note about the DCA Facebook page … someone I know was posting comments there and noticed the comments kept getting deleted. I’m not sure that’s legal with the Brown Act for public entities, but they do it.

    We look at this like those “In Delta Workshop” meetings DWR held a few years ago … one was in the Brentwood Library. The young staffers attended, didn’t take notes, our concerns didn’t go anywhere. But DWR then talked about all the outreach they’d done.

    We don’t trust anything they do isn’t just to show a judge later about all of the great outreach they’ve done and the great participation by Delta stakeholders.

    So far we’ve stopped them every step of the way with our intrepid legal council, Michael Brodsky leading the way. He’s won at every turn and has some tricks up his sleeve for this next phase. He does coordinate with the other entities fighting the battle. Stick with us … together we will win this thing!

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