Holiday Message from STCDA

Happy Holidays from Save the California Delta Alliance!

2020 certainly has been an interesting year for new experiences, time to bond at home and learning to “Zoom”. It is our sincerest hope that you and your loved ones have been able to cope and have remained healthy!

In spite of the rest of us having to endure “Stay In Place” orders – the State of California (and all the committees relating to the Tunnel Project), the Southern California Metropolitan Water District and their engineers have been pushing forward. Save the California Delta Alliance has a seat on the Stakeholders Engagement Committee (SEC). We Stakeholders earnestly tried to push the meetings to a time when we could meet in person with our community (via Town Hall meetings) for your input about the information we are asked to bring to you. However, we were advised by the Head Engineer, Kathryn Mallon, that they would move forward with or without us Stakeholders even during the Covid-19 pandemic. At this point they have presented to the SEC three options for the single 40’ diameter tunnel. Even though, the tunnel will be 150’ below surface – we and the Town of Discovery Bay have major concerns regarding the natural gas and artesian water well locations, which have not yet been mapped out (seems like a big deal to me!). Unfortunately, we have not had ANY change in the location of the intakes which will decimate the historic Hood area, even though many of us Stakeholders have begged them to reconsider the intake locations and/or designs.

The bottom line is we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support both financially and emotionally. We are expecting a new order of signs after the first of the year and we would love to deliver your signs for your home, business, and dock area.

During the last year, the STCDA legal counsel, Michael Brodsky, has been working behind the scenes in research and developing the case to fight the tunnel again. His last visit to the Court resulted in a victorious outcome – unfortunately, the war continues. Your donations will be appreciated to assist us in defraying the costs of insurance, signage, expert witnesses, and other expenses incurred.

This is not a battle won overnight and your help will be appreciated for the next victory. We don’t think residents in the area want a project which ships Delta fresh water to Southern California. During the last SEC meeting I asked if the engineering plan for the water conveyance is like a “TOILET” – all the engineers laughed hysterically and agreed that’s EXACTLY what the proposed plans are like. Our historic California Delta is NOT a TOILET! This TOILET will result in danger to future fishing, farming, drinking water, increased heavy equipment resulting in noise and traffic congestion with no apparent benefit to the residence and users of the California Delta. Please continue to help us fight this battle.

Again, thank you for your continued support and encouragement in this battle to Stop the Tunnel. Even One Tunnel is too many!

Happy Holidays,

Karen J. Mann, President 2020
Save the California Delta Alliance (STCDA)

Karen’s Holiday Message PDF

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