ACTION ALERT – Send Emails Today


Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 8) is the Metropolitan Water District vote on Funding the Next Phase of the Delta Tunnel. This is an important milestone.

You can help influence the vote by sending an email to MWD today or early tomorrow urging the Board of Directors to vote NO on continuing the tunnel efforts!

TO: The Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors.


BCC: (This will allow us to track the number of emails MWD is receiving from us)

Subject: Vote NO on Funding the Next Phase of the Delta Tunnel

In your emails, please say you are a member of the Save the California Delta Alliance as well as any other comments you want to make. We want MWD to know it’s our STCDA members who are so strongly opposing this project. Let them know STCDA, who has been such a vocal opponent to their tunnel project for years, is still here, protecting the Delta, strongly opposed to their continued efforts.

I’m sure you all have comments to make that are especially important to you: From construction impacts including boating and recreation impacts of a construction project through the Delta (destroying wetlands, Delta farms, etc.) to the long-term water quality issues that will occur from diverting the cleaner Sacramento River water around the Delta instead of flowing through it.

Or you can simply tell them STCDA members urge you to vote “No.”

As always, your help is appreciated.

Thank you!

If you use Twitter, you can tweet to MWD at @mwdh2o and Board Chair Gloria Gray at @GloriaDGray and tells them to VOTE NO on the tunnel.

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