We’re humans, not “receptors”

North Delta intakes 2018 WaterFix Conceptual Engineering Report

This Tunnel project is crazy. Such a destructive construction project! Now the DWR justifies putting construction right next to and through the small town of Hood because there are “no sensitive receptors” in Hood to the hazardous materials as part of the construction. (Note: “receptor” is a DWR code word for humans or other living entity). How did DWR justify saying that? Because, DWR stated, there are no hospitals, schools, or parks in Hood.

Wait a minute! Aren’t there any old people, kids with asthma, puppies?

BTW – DWR is admitting there be hazardous materials in the air.

Here’s the complete write-up about this: WaterFix DWR Claims No Sensitive Receptors to Hazardous Materials in North Delta Towns.

We are humans, not “receptors”. It reminds me the public outcry to DWR’s plan to leave muck ponds everywhere throughout the Delta (muck – the crap that is excavated from the tunnel hole 150 feet down – wet, smelly stuff). They didn’t modify their plan, they used global edit throughout their 40,000 page EIR and replaced “Muck” with “Reusable Tunnel Materials”, aka “RTM.” That certainly solved the problem.

2 Responses to “We’re humans, not “receptors””

  1. 1 Harold Wiullaimson October 31, 2018 at 10:58 am

    When I first read about this “new” project, I knew it was nothing more than a water grab. That’s all the southland has been about for years. They have no more concern for people of the area and environment than they had for the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. It isn’t really about the central valley farmers, either. They seem to obtain enough water to refill aquifers. So it’s the LA basin that wants the water, so they can continue to grow..

    • 2 Jan October 31, 2018 at 11:15 am

      Actually, the central valley farmers have trashed their aquifers and they are collapsing. A big part of Proposition 3 is to provide funding to pay to repair farm canals in the central valley. They don’t have enough to refill the aquifers. STCDA advocates money be spent to restore ground water instead of moving water from the Delta south, instead of the Tunnels.

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