ATTENTION BOATERS: Why you should be on our bus Friday!

The Delta Protection Commission (DPC) came out Friday with a scathing review of the California WaterFix (CFW). (Note: The DPC is a group that includes the Delta County Supervisors and who’s charter includes working with the Delta Stewardship Council and protecting the Delta.)

Their review helps set the stage for our comments to the Delta Stewardship Council on Friday, October 26.

This is why we need all boaters to get on the bus to Sacramento this Friday. This is a unique opportunity to drive home these points to the Stewardship Council!


The points made in the DPC’s letter are pertinent to the Friday meeting at the Delta Stewardship Council and help provide concrete reasons why the Stewardship Council should not adopt the Delta Tunnels and call them “consistent” with the Delta Plan. They are not!

A key part of the DPC’s arguments against the WaterFix are around recreation:
“When first presented with the environmental analysis of socioeconomic impacts in 2013, Council staff’s comment letter raised concerns about changes to Community Character:

    “The EIR/S states that ‘adverse social effects could also arise as a result of declining economic stability in communities closest to construction effects and those most heavily influenced by agricultural and recreation activities.’ Actions should be offered to reduce or mitigate adverse impacts in Chapter 16.”

The letter continue to say: “Of the numerous mitigation measures and “other commitments” DWR presents in the Consistency Certification, none are directed at supporting local communities as they address the impacts to their community character.”

  • DWR did not adopt any mitigation measures that would meaningfully support the economic health and well-being of Delta communities.
  • Recreation is second only to agriculture in contributing to the Delta region economy. According to the ESP (the Delta Protection Commission’s Economic Sustainability Plan), visitors to the Delta region generated a total of 12 million visitor days of use annually in 2010 with a direct economic impact of more than $250 million in spending, with most of this visitation in interior areas of the Delta that will be largely impacted by CWF [WaterFix].

This point is key:
“Included among these impacts are disclosures of the impacts on community character of the CWF project’s construction activities, including declining property values, blight and abandonment. It is not hyperbole to suggest that the CWF [WaterFix] project presents an existential crisis for the small Delta communities that would be most affected by the protracted, intensive construction period, the permanent infrastructure, and the radical – not evolutionary – effects on the Delta economic drivers of agriculture, recreation, and emerging heritage tourism. DWR has failed to grapple with the reality, demonstrated through evidence in the record, that CWF puts the long-term sustainability of small Delta communities in serious jeopardy; it also thoroughly fails to offer any meaningful mitigation for such impacts.”

Isn’t that what we have all been saying in every way we know how to say it? That this horrible construction project will ruin our community, our economy, our way of life.

I know people have shown up time and time again, before this same Delta Stewardship Council, and given similar comments. But now we can point to the conclusions that the State’s Delta Protection Commission is highlighting and say that this terrible project will not protect the Delta as a Place and definitely will not protect boating and recreation or the communities that rely on it for economic sustainability.

Between DWR’s failure to adequately consider or mitigate impacts to Delta recreation from WaterFix construction the failure to adequately consider or mitigate impacts to North Delta towns, it is looking like there is a strong case that DWR just blew it.

Similar points were also brought up in Michael Brodsky’s excellent appeal filed for Save the California Delta Alliance, which is available here:

The Delta Stewardship Council is also allowing 3 minute testimony from individuals, most likely on October 26, 2018. Save the California Delta Alliance is organizing a bus on that day.

Email to reserve your seat on the bus. Also let us know if you have time restrictions and/or what time you would prefer the bus to return to Discovery Bay.

The bus leaves Discovery Bay at 7:30 AM on Friday, October 26 . . . if we have enough sign-ups. So please RSVP as soon as possible!

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