Thank You!

We had a great fundraising event last weekend (July 21). Thank you for everyone who came for golf, for dinner, or both . . . and stayed for the Live Auction. We were also able to give out great raffle prizes due to our generous donors. Even people who couldn’t attend gave donations. Thank you for your generosity.
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We raised over $25,000! That is more than any of our prior fundraising events. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was a great start towards what we need to win the law suits we anticipate will be needed.

And that was even though there were a few less attendees than prior years.

Why were there fewer attendees?

Some people have the idea that the tunnels are a “done deal.” What??? They most definitely are not a “done deal.”

Why the tunnels aren’t a “done deal”

Michael Brodsky, STCDA Legal Council, explained it well to the attendees at the fundraiser.

First, there are permits needed before any work can legally start. Currently we are in the end of the multi-year permitting process for their State Water Board permits. Those are needed in order for them to take water from the Sacramento River.

But that’s not all . . . there are a plethora of permits they still need to get.

Because of STCDA’s testimonies at the Water Board, the State revised their tunnel construction plan. We don’t want a new plan, we want the entire project to terminate. But since they have made almost no changes in their plan for years, we feel we are definitely getting to areas they haven’t thought about – like boating and recreation. They have tons of scientists lined up to debate Delta scientists about water quality, fish, etc. But we hit them unexpectedly with issues that affect the South Delta that they didn’t address or even realize.

Second, since we have testified to these hearings, if they move ahead and ignore our evidence, we can go to litigation. And, as we have shown in the past with our “win” against the Delta Plan, the law and the judges are on our side.

We will stop these tunnels. $25K was a great start but the expert witnesses are really costly. That’s what the donations go for – witnesses to prove our case and then come to the legal hearings once they start.

Thank you again. And if you can, please donate!

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