Now is Not the Time to Give Up


URGENT: We need golfers / dinner attendees / sponsors for our major Fundraiser of the year!
Right now we don’t have enough golfers for the tournament or for the Hole-In-One car sponsors to provide cars for our July 21 event. We don’t have enough dinners sold to hold the event! If I don’t have you down, please email me ASAP and let me know if you want to golf, come to dinner, or be a sponsor: More info is on our home page Forms are also linked below.

Now is not the time to give up!

While I’ve been passing out flyers about our upcoming Fundraising Event (July 21), several people have said, “But I thought the fight against the Delta Tunnels is over. Didn’t they win?”

Heck, no I retort.

It may sound like a lot of bad news – more than good – has been coming out about the tunnels. But the fact of the matter is they are still where they were a year ago: working to obtain the permits from the Water Board to begin construction. STCDA, using your generous donations, hired expert witnesses and prepared an awesome case showing why building the tunnels would be so detrimental on Delta communities and waterways. No construction can start before they get their permits.

If the Water Board awards the permits even with all of the strong objections and testimonies presented to them about why that would be a terrible decision, then we need to plead our case in court.

We need to bring our expert witnesses back to testify. That is why we are out fundraising now.

Our major fundraiser is our golf/dinner event July 21.

NOTE: You don’t need to be a golfer to participate.

Come to the dinner and enjoy a great prime rib meal and live auction with Mike Guzzardo as our auctioneer – always fun.

Become a sponsor.

We still need our Gold Sponsor and Silver Sponsor.

Thank you to Automatic Fender by Boat Innovation for being our Bronze Sponsor.
Thank you also to Brentwood Press and Delta Sun Times for being Bronze Media Sponsors.

And thank you for the many businesses and individuals that have been stepping up as Hole Sponsors.

MAINLY: We need more golfers and dinner guests !!!!

Right now we don’t have enough golfers for the tournament or for the Hole-In-One car sponsors to provide HIO cars for our event.

Sign up for golf and/or to be a sponsor using our On-Line Golf Registration Form

Or for dinner and/or to be a sponsor using our Dinner-Only/Sponsor Form

Or to be a sponsor using our Dinner-Only/Sponsor Form

Remember the Monty Python skit from the Holy Grail? “Bring out your dead…” Well, like the old guy, I say, “We aren’t dead yet!”


And remember:


Together we can win!

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