When are they going to Stand Up?

Although the Santa Clara Valley Water District vote to finance $650 million of the Tunnels was disappointing, Director Barbara Keegan acknowledged the concerns expressed by residents in Discovery Bay (thank you all who sent email to the board) about impacts on boating and Delta recreation. She stated that the SCVWD appointed representative would be bringing the construction impacts to the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Joint Project Authority Board (DCDCA). “Someone has to stand up and say, ‘this is a problem.’”

That obviously didn’t happen in the first DCDCA meeting! Instead, a smiling Tony Estremera, also from SCVWD and now the new President of the DCDCA Board, seemed joyous and gleefully stated he was looking forward to the very long, long construction period.


Let the board know how incensed you were to see him laughing about the long construction phase!!! And that nothing about the construction will be nice for us!

Ask them when the SCVWD reps are going to stand up and say, “This is a problem!” ???

Everyone needs to email them again. Say that we saw Tony and Barbara at the first DCDCA Board Meeting. Yet even after all 5 Delta County Supervisors stood up and expressed concerns, the Board didn’t acknowledge the concerns or put an agenda item on for the next meeting to review the concerns.

Diane Burgis, Contra Costa County Supervisor delivered a passionate please, telling them the issues of traffic through rural areas, the value of farming and the $750 million economic hit that will occur to the county from the loss of Delta recreation. She confronted the board about the damage to the Delta and said, “You know! You know this is going to be damaging.” She went on to say that it is a unique area, home to many historical legacy towns, many natural resources. She explained that our infrastructure is mostly 2-lane levee roads that are vital to our statewide economy and for the safety and welfare of those who live in the Delta. And that it is not the right place for massive construction and columns of trucks.

Don Nottoli, Sacramento County Supervisor added that the construction project will forever change daily life to the historic community. Quiet rural towns will be transformed into construction zones. Impacts are prolonged, sometimes 7 x 24 for years and years which will undoubtedly affect quality of life, displace people, effect agribusiness, tourism, fishing, boating. He told them the project is wrongheaded, misguided.

Yet at the end of the meeting, we see and hear this (let’s see his smiling face one more time):

Tell them we demand that the board add an agenda item for the next meeting to do an honest review of the Delta Communities concerns and of the true impact this massive construction project will have on communities and boating and recreation in the Delta.

Barbara Keegan had said she enjoyed going to the Delta and expressed that area shouldn’t be lost to Santa Clara Valley boaters to enjoy. But that is exactly what they are about to do. Lose it forever as a boating mecca.

We need to keep telling them.
Email Tony Estremera, the new President of the DCDCA Board and Barbara Keeling, the alternate. Include the general board email so they all receive it. And cc your County Supervisor.

(I’d appreciate a later forward of your email or BCC, but please don’t put me on the to/cc’s they will see.)

Name   Email   DCDCA Board
Tony Estremera   testremera@valleywater.org   President  
Barbara Keegan   bkeegan@valleywater.org   Alternate  
SCVWD Board   board@valleywater.org    

If you are in Contra Costa County, cc Diane Burgis

At this point, I don’t think it does any good to stress how dumb the project is or that there are better alternatives. Tony even said he thinks the infrastructure is “old” so it’s time for an upgrade. They have convinced themselves this is a valid project and the environmentalists are complaining for no valid reason about little fish that this project, they have been told, will help. You can add that it is a dumb project and why at the end, but make the key point, the thing they read and understand, is the huge, huge impact on Delta communities lives with the project. And how this peaceful, scenic, boating favorite is being taken away from their Santa Clara residents to enjoy on weekends forever once the construction project is allowed to begin.

Include that there’s always been a better, more viable construction alternative, the Eastern Route, which was recommended by the State’s own Independent Scientists years ago. Construction along that route wouldn’t impact the Delta at all. It would cost $1 to $1.7 billion more, so start with one tunnel and from that cost savings build it on the Eastern Route. Win-win.

We don’t want any tunnels, but if they build it, they need to go around the Delta, not through it.

I’ll be writing additional blogs about the construction impact and we can quote them and send them to the board in phases. But start those emails going. You can cc Diane Burgis if you live in CCC or your local Supervisor if you live elsewhere.

1 Response to “When are they going to Stand Up?”

  1. 1 Isaac May 21, 2018 at 6:24 pm

    This Estremera guy looked and sounded like a turkey totally out of his depth. One can see that the MWD people are the ones calling the shots and the rest are token panzies there to second motions and vote yes when instructed.

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