Call-to-Action: Contact your U.S. Senators and Congressman to Oppose Spending Bill Rider Sec. 437

Please use the links below to contact Senators Feinstein and Harris and ask them to oppose the House Appropriations Committee’s 2019 Spending Bill’s rider Sec. 437 which would exempt the Delta Tunnels from all judicial review under any Federal or State Law. This attempted run-around of the courts is an affront to democracy.

Senator Feinstein’s D.C. Office:
Phone: (202) 224-3841
Senator Feinstein can also be reached via email

Senator Harris’s D.C. Office:
Phone (202) 224 – 3553
Senator Harris can also be reached via email

PLEASE FORWARD this to all of your contacts and ask them to write the senators and to call or write their U.S. congressman to complain.

As quoted in the RecordNet article: “Enough with this tedious rule-of-law stuff, Rep. Ken Calvert, a Riverside County Republican, said in a statement.
“All of the project’s stakeholders have had a plethora of opportunities to express their thoughts and concerns,” Calvert said. “We must move forward with the project.”

Calvert is right that we have had a plethora of opportunities to express our thoughts and concerns. The problem is that state vehemently refuses to address them. You’ve attended meeting after meeting, gotten on the bus, expressed your thoughts and concerns: how this project would wreck our cherished waterways, how construction traffic has no place on all our rural roads and waterways, through bird habitat and peaceful scenic areas. The scientists tell them we need more fresh water flowing through the Delta, not less. Yet these deep concerns fall on deaf ears. So now Calvert says that they’ve heard the concerns, ignored them, are going to just march ahead and impact Northern California economically, environmentally, and emotionally but we have no right to justice?

They are going to take away a precious, favorite area so many Californians cherish so the almond growers can grow more almonds and L.A. can have more homes with green lawns.

They know they are in the wrong. That is why they know their project doesn’t stand up to legal scrutiny. If the State Water Resources Control Board wasn’t stacked with Brown’s cronies, after all the damning testimony presented over the past 2 years at the Water Board Permit Hearings, the Water Board wouldn’t issue the permits and we’d be done. We could go back to normal and Met could invest in desalination, recycling, conservation.

See the Recreational Boaters of California’s (RBOC) ‘Call-to-Action: Oppose Elimination of Judicial Review of Twin Tunnels’ for more details.

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