First meeting of the DCA Board

The five Delta County Supervisors were all at the first Delta Conveyance and Construction Authority (DCA) Board Meeting (previously called the Joint Powers Authority (JPA)) today in Sacramento. They were their to show that the entire Delta is opposed to this project, and to voice their dismay at this board being formed and starting any efforts before permitting is complete. Their comments included calling out the behind closed door meetings that are so prevalent in this project. Solano County Supervisor Skip Thompson, who heads the Delta Protection Committee, protested that there are 4 million people directly affected by this project yet there hasn’t been one conscientious effort to reach out to us. He asked, “How are you going to work with local government and the community to make sure we are not harmed by the project?” Good question since the State agencies have made no alterations to the project to alleviate any of our concerns that we have expressed, clearly, over the past years.


I was told that the Supervisors were duly ignored with strong comments from at least one Metropolitan Water District Executive who is now a new DCA Director on the Board, saying he will do whatever is necessary to get this project underway.

The DCA Board plans to meet at 2 p.m. the third Thursday of each month in the Sacramento Library. But the President, Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Tony Estremera, seemed to have an agenda of his own – namely to try to get more meetings scheduled and move as quickly as possible towards construction. He kept pushing for meetings every two weeks. There was no support for his proposal. In fact, because of the Brown Act and public transparency, and because they didn’t have a place to meet in 2 weeks, he was basically told “No”. Even the MWR executive said June 21st is early enough. Estremera didn’t relent. Even after minutes were recorded as, “The next meeting will be held June 21 here at the Sacramento Library” Estremera interjected, “Unless we hold an earlier meeting.” He also had a tendency to get lost during the meeting and not know which agenda item they were talking about. Interesting.

Clearly, Estremera was very happy someone offered him the prestigious role as President of this newly formed and important DCA Board. In fact, on Monday May 14th he issued this statement: “Santa Clara Valley Water District will lead the charge [emphasis mine] as we move ahead with the important work of improving water supply reliability for our county and the state. I look forward to the challenge of implementing this project.”

I would expect that from the MWD Directors. But at the Santa Clara Valley Water District Meeting, at least lip service was paid to understanding the huge concerns Delta residents have with this project.

I wish I were a fly on the wall at some of the wheeling/dealing that goes on in California politics. At least Estremera is up for re-election!

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