Posted by: Jan | March 15, 2018

Water Conservation is a Good Thing

The State Water Board is proposing common-sense conservation rules, like not letting water run down the sidewalk into the storm drain (i.e., using a shut-off on the hose when washing your car). It makes sense. California is becoming more arid every year (even though there may be a year here or there with more water the overall trend is drying).

This didn’t surprise me: Groups concerned about the proposed conservation rules includes the state’s farm lobby. They fear rules on urban water usage could eventually lead to regulations on the types of crops farmers can irrigate. “There’s the potential they’ll make similar decisions encroaching on agriculture,” Mike Wade of the California Farm Water Coalition said in an interview.

Haha – That’s EXACTLY what needs to happen. Central Valley rich corporate farmers have been profiting from water-thirsty almonds grown in the middle of the desert for far too long. Conservation is the best way to start to improve California’s long-term water picture.

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