The Trump Administration wants to send more water South to the Farmers


The USBR (the agency responsible for operating the Central Valley Project Delta exports to the almond farmers) is being asked to make changes to the Delta export operations or other alternatives to increase water; and are asking for comments. Notice of Intent.

Submit written comments on the scope of the EIS by February 1, 2018.

Send written comments to:

    • Katrina Harrison, Project Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, Bay-Delta Office, 801 I Street, Suite 140, Sacramento, CA 95814-2536

FAX to (916) 414-2425;

EMAIL: Click here to send your email to with a BCC to our STCDA Comment File


HIGHLY recommend that the first action should be to consider other alternatives to generate additional water or that improve and optimize the utilization of water such as desalinization, recycling, water conservation, or water reuse.

o HIGHLY recommend actions that could clean up the farm waste water from the Central Valley farms that now flows into the San Joaquin, which makes that river polluted and is why the farmers now want the Sacramento River water instead.

○ TENTATIVELY support Habitat restoration and ecosystem improvement projects, but only IF IN ADDITION to increased through-delta flows, not in place of. While such projects may aid fish populations, fish cannot be saved without increasing the flow. The BDCP habitat projects conducted over the past years show that, while some have minor positive impacts and other have no impacts, none were significantly beneficial. Whereas increased flow has been shown to immediately improves fish populations.

○ When considering if any actions are possible that increase export capabilities through the Delta, STRONGLY OPPOSE any new gates, dams, or other obstructions in the Delta waterways. Projects such as the 2-Gates Fish Protection Project violate The Rivers and Harbors Act, destroy boating, and thus ruin the economy of boating communities.

STRONGLY OPPOSE making any modifications to the current environmental and regulatory requirements that would negatively impact the fish or increase salinity.

STRONGLY OPPOSE any modifications to operations that reduce rather than increase the flow through the Delta.

o HIGHLY RECOMMEND other alternative actions OUTSIDE the Delta, that would REDUCE RELIANCE on the Delta and DECREASE EXPORT levels, thus better meeting the Delta Flow Requirements.

○ Restoring the Tulare Lake Basin for increased storage capacity south of the Delta and as percolation ponds to restore ground water.
o Improved ground water storage and better ground water management including more controlled management of the Kern Water Bank, which now is privatized and reportedly was used for personal watering of orchards and reselling water to urban developers.

Whatever is done, REQUEST that the USBR identify water quality standards that must be maintained, in various parts of the Delta (including the Discovery Bay waterways, where flow is limited due to drought years and other stressors) to be sure any changes improve, and don’t degrade, water quality and health. During the drought, we suffered from toxic blue-green algae blooms, which shut down our waterways to swimming and contact and significantly impacted our economy. Home sales fell through and marina businesses suffered. Ask them to please commit that any operational changes keep the health and safety of Delta communities.

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