Posted by: Jan | January 22, 2018

Radio Podcast about the Delta

Kevin Fox on iHeartRadio devoted a half-hour of his iHeartRadio show to the Delta last Wednesday. Listen to the iHeartRadio interview on-line here.

I’ve never been on a live radio show before (it was kind of scary, but Kevin made it easy). Kevin devoted the entire half hour so I definitely appreciate him doing that!

We covered everything from the Franks Tract project (not a good project), STCDA’s legal “Stay” against the Water Board for apparently rigging the WaterFix (Delta Tunnels) hearings (bad), and Gov. Brown’s new one-tunnel versus two tunnel plan (still bad). Kevin is a member of a sailing club that holds a regatta on Franks Tract, and the Delta is near and dear to his heart.

As, of course, it is to me and all of our STCDA members.

I thank him for his support . . .

    Jan McCleery, President
    Save the California Delta Alliance

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