Posted by: Jan | January 17, 2018

UPDATE: Water Board Delays Hearings

The State Water Resource Control Board sent out a notice today that they are delaying the start of their Part II Hearings due to our request for continuance (because we are alleging that the Part I Hearings were rigged):

    On January 12, 2018, Save the California Delta Alliance, et al. (SCDA) submitted a motion to continue Part 2 of the hearing for 90 days to allow “reformation” of the hearing to address ex parte communications between State Water Board staff and DWR, which SCDA alleges were unlawful. Subsequently, on January 15, 2018, the County of Sacramento, et al. submitted a similar motion seeking an indefinite continuance of Part 2 of the hearing to allow an investigation of the full extent of ex parte communications. Numerous parties joined in both motions.

    The hearing officers have directed the WaterFix hearing team to advise the parties that the hearing days scheduled for January 18 through February 1, 2018, are cancelled to give the hearing officers time to review all four motions. Unless the hearing officers notify the parties of any additional changes to the hearing schedule, the parties should assume that Part 2 of the hearing will resume on February 2, 2018 with policy statements only. Unless rescheduled the evidentiary portion of Part 2 will resume on February 5, 2018.

This will be interesting. I blogged about it today:


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