The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

The Father: Governor Pat Brown His Son: Governor Jerry Brown
pBrown1   thumb_Jerry-Brown-finger-to-head-AP-Paul-Sakuma-640x480_1024
FILE – This Nov. 5, 1958 AP photo shows Governor-elect Edmund G. “Pat” Brown proclaiming his victory. FILE – This Sep. 4, 2015 AP photo shows arrogant Governor Jerry Brown illustrating his distain for California legislatures.

It is now being reported that the flaws in the Oroville Dam go back to Governor Pat Brown’s overzealous ambitions to create a monument in his name, the Oroville Dam and the State Water Project.

The parallels between that project and the current California WaterFix/Delta Tunnels project being ramrodded through the process by his son, Governor jerry Brown, are quite astonishing.

Gov. Pat Brown was bent on building a dam and the accompanying State Water Project to expand water deliveries to the parched southern half of California. Gov. Jerry Brown is bent on building the Delta Tunnels for the same purpose.

Pat Brown campaigned relentlessly and convinced the Legislature and then the voters to approve a $1.75 billion bond measure when the federal government couldn’t help with funding. Jerry Brown campaigned relentlessly, using bogus scare tactics, and convinced the voters to vote “No” on Proposition 53, a bill which would have stopped the tunnels and high speed train by putting them on the ballot.

In addition, Jerry Brown has touted his $15 billion California WaterFix (aka Tunnels) project whereas independent economists identify it’s more like $60 billion now not counting likely overruns. Pat Brown later acknowledged that he and his advisers realized the project’s true cost was probably around $2.5 billion, but they weren’t sure voters could handle such a number.

Pat Brown believed cost didn’t really matter given what was at stake. “You need water. Whatever it costs, you have to have it,” he said. Hmm – doesn’t that sound like something Jerry is now saying?

Two of a kind. Full speed ahead regardless of who get hurt in the process.

The citizens of Oroville are now rioting in realization that they gave up their land and community for Pat Brown’s promises of grand improvements to come. In return for losing entire communities and thousands of acres of taxable land, the region would become home to California’s second-largest reservoir, Lake Oroville, and a tourist destination akin to Disneyland.

how-i-know-the-apple-didnt-fall-far-from-the-tree Well, at least his son may have learned something after all. Jerry Brown doesn’t even pretend that he’s trying to save the Delta. He has made no promises about improved tourism, protecting recreation, or farmers. No promises of improvements for the communities affected, only negative impacts.

I wouldn’t call that an improvement over his father’s personality, though.

The father left shattered promises; the son is shattering Delta citizens dreams for the future of life on the Delta.

Yahoo News Article on Pat Brown 5/14/17
Sacramento Bee 5/15/17 Article on Pat Brown
Oroville Citizens Protest Broken Promises 5/15/17

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