Last Day for Comments Jan. 30th

The California WaterFix (Delta Tunnel) EIR/EIS review period ends soon. If you haven’t sent in comments please do. And if you have sent in comments, but think of more to say, you can send them in multiple times. The more they hear from us the better off we will be.

Send in comments to by Monday, January 30th.

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If you live in Discovery Bay, which will be significantly impacted through closure of our nearby waterski/wakeboard sloughs and ruining our nearby Mildred Island Anchorage, and if you are worried that the state keeps publishing atrocious plans that would block our waterways and potentially isolate us from the rest of the Delta, describe what the Delta means to you. Give your personal insight.

The tunnels are supposed to “protect and enhance unique cultural, recreational, natural resource, and agricultural values of the Delta as an evolving place.” That’s in the Delta Plan. The EIR claims that they are doing that. If you can send in comments with your own judgment that they don’t, they are violating Water Code § 85045.

If you sent in prior comments and their response to you was like many of mine it said, “Please see Master Response 24 for more information regarding the Delta as a Place.” If you, like me, couldn’t figure out what Master Response 24 was or where it was, I emailed the DWR and they sent the link:

But I read “Master Response 24” and it is wrong. They are saying they don’t need to protect recreation that exists for our community because they are enhancing recreation up at Brannon State Park on the Sacramento River. They are wrong. They are also saying that the Delta will evolve and they don’t need to preserve it like a Mausoleum. We are not asking them to preserve it, we know over time it evolves. Levee walls around Mildred Island get smaller, the river changes. But that doesn’t mean the State has the right to destroy our community, our economy, our culture, and our way of life!

If you live in the Delta and know what will and will not destroy our way of life, then DWR’s response, “Master Response 24” to comments that they are complying with the Delta Reform Act requirements to protect Delta as Place is flat wrong.

The more comment letters that we can get that list specifics from the EIR or at least makes the above argument, the better off we will be.

And help us continue to support you! Help Us Save the Delta – Please Donate!

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