Water Wars Update

This is June’s “Water War Update” Bay and Delta Yachtsman Magazine – Delta Rat Scrapbook – it deserves wider readership. Thanks to Bill Wells, “Delta Rat Scrapbook” writer for his continual efforts in support of the Delta:

    “If you live in Northern California you are aware of the current scandal involving Linda Katehi, Chancellor of the University of California at Davis (UCD), hiring consultants to improve her image after students were pepper sprayed by campus police a while back.

    I won’t go into all the sordid details here, but according to the Sacramento Bee newspaper, the university spent taxpayer funds to spy on local reporter, Dan Bacher. Dan is a friend of mine, and one of the best investigative journalists in California. He writes for the Fish Sniffer, the River News Herald & Isleton Journal, and other local publications.

    Now, many of the scientists at UCD are involved with the Brown/Laird plan to divert the Sacramento River around the Delta via twin forty-four foot diameter tunnels, so I did not think it was much of a stretch to think they would want to keep an eye on Dan.

    I asked him what was going on and he showed me a link to a UCD website that names Stuart Resnick and Riley Bechtel as two of Katehi’s advisors. Resnick is a California land and water baron, and a user of a lot of Delta water. Bechtel is the Chairman of the Board of Bechtel Corporation, a company that stands to get a lot of business if construction ever begins on the tunnels. According to my usually reliable sources at UCD, Katehi’s husband teaches a course in ethics at the university.”

My own comments: Maybe it’s just a “coincidence,” but during the whole BDCP/Delta Tunnels/California WaterFix debates, I have continued to be surprised that the UC Davis Scientists continued to weigh in favorably on the Tunnels, contrary to other independent scientists. Just saying . . .

Bay and Delta Yachtsman Magazine – Delta Rat Scrapbook.

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