Invasive Weeds in the Delta – Meeting August 28

Bill Wells, Executive Director of the Delta Chamber of Commerce and author of the regular “Bay and Delta Yachtsman” magazine’s “Delta Rat” articles, has requested that anyone who is available this Friday to attend a meeting in Sacramento about the Invasive Week problem in the Delta and voice your opinion. Also please forward this to other interested persons. Here’s the meeting info and agenda – Click Here.

Bill’s email said:

Our governor Jerry Brown and resource secretary John Laird have totally dropped the ball on this rolling disaster. As near as we can tell area boaters are picking up the full tab for the Division of Boating & Waterways effort to “control” invasive plants. Local marina owners and business people are spending their own funds to try to stop this scourge. It looks like about $15 million is funded for the effort and about $50 million is needed. It is time for all “stakeholders” to start paying their fair share. The water districts that export water from the Delta should pick up the lions share of the expense and the Corps of Engineers charged with keeping navigable waterways open needs to provide adequate funding too.

We have gotten to this point because of inept management of our water resources in the past and we need to put a stop to it now before it totally destroys the Delta. We need a complete audit of the Natural Resources Agency and in the future we need far better oversight of the agencies charged with keeping our waterways clear.

For more background and why the weed clean-up should be paid for by the water contractors who are exporting too much water causing the issue and not just the boaters here in the Delta stuck with the issue, see Gene Beley’s film of Gary Rogers interviewing DBW Director Chris Conlin regarding invasive plants in the Delta.

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