Carly doesn’t have the answer

So much for Carly Fiorina as a potential President (and I’d LOVE to see a female president). She said it “may well be true” that climate change has worsened effects of the drought. Like many Republicans, however, she blamed environmentalists and their Democratic allies for blocking the construction of dams in the state.
“California has had droughts for millennia,” Fiorina told The Sacramento Bee. “And so knowing that, you would think that you would prepare for droughts by building reservoirs and water conveyance systems so that you could save the rainwater during years when there’s a lot of rain.”

Oh, Man … Reservoirs and the Delta Tunnels aren’t the answer. We have empty reservoirs (which would have been empty even if there was more capacity before the drought) because the paper water system uses more water each year than exists. We need to refurbish our water distribution laws, encourage desal and recycling and conservation, and plant according to available water. It’s not the environmentalists that are the issue – they are the last barrier to the total destruction of the salmon runs!

Cruz and Walker were right there with Fiorina.

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