Posted by: Jan | March 19, 2015

The Comments are In

The comment period for the Three Delta Dams (aka Emergency Drought Barriers) recommended by the DWR ended yesterday, March 18.

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments and shared with me. We were able to include the boating comments in our formal STCDA Comments to the DWR prepared by our Legal Council, Michael Brodsky. Thanks Michael!

To review his formal submission, Click Here. Comments are attached. The document is also on our side panel under “STCDA 3 Dams Comments”.

To view the Bethel Island formal comments on the False River Dam, click here. (Also on the side panel).

Thanks again for jumping in with comments. Together we can make a difference!



  1. I have been unable to get through from the main web site. First I would like to thank you again for the dedication you have to our Delta community and the amazing amount of work you do. The second reason for my email is that my lawn sign was removed from our front yard, and I would like to get a replacement. I have not been able to get through the main web site to request one and to donate. I will keep checking back but I was wondering if there was an alternative way to get one.

    Thank you again,

    Rise Hancock

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