The EPA Agrees – the Delta Tunnels are bad news

The EPA submits a 43-page report warning that the Delta Tunnels could violate Federal law.” See the Sacramento Bee Report. Also reported in the LA Times.

The 43-page review against the Delta Tunnels agrees with what we and other BDCP opponents have been saying all along:

  • The tunnels may be good for the farmers and municipalities that receive the water but not for farmers and municipalities who divert water directly from the Delta.
  • The project failed to analyze environmental effects both upstream and downstream of the Delta, particularly on San Francisco Bay.
  • The BDCP plan to restore the Delta by habitat projects yet there is no evidence that restoration would be effective.
  • The EPA recommends the BDCP ensure sufficient water flow through the Delta for it to remain healthy. The Delta needs fresh water to remain healthy, a fact the water contractors have ignored from the start.

The EPA Review itself:

The EPA review also advocates consideration of a variety of approaches, a suite of measures, including water conservation, levee maintenance and reduced reliance on the Delta. Sounds like what our Northern California legislators, Mary Piepho, Jerry McNerney and John Garamendi have been proposing all along!


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