Posted by: Jan | May 7, 2014

California Water Mismanagement

Gene Beley comments on Dan Batcher’s article and thinks it doesn’t go far enough. He adds

“Not enough is written about the mismanagement of California water and how they practically gave away the Kern Water Bank. It is now in the hands of private individuals like Stewart and Linda Resnick, billionaires who live in the largest mansion in Beverly Hills. They have mega-wealthy partners in that enterprise like Silicon Valley real estate developer, John Vidovich, who sold some of his water several years ago for a cool $77 million. Another partner is the Tejon Ranch Corp., who needs water to build a new city in the desert. These people don’t like you to know their names and Resnicks are famous for not giving interviews. This fact, coupled with the reservoirs are mostly nearly full in Southern California, is part of this non-fiction story being written into California history. Some predict if the twin tunnels get built, we’ll eventually see a dry Sacramento River. BDCP’s reports do say it will lower it at least by three feet. That impact alone would have dire consequences throughout the Delta. As many try to warn, you can’t fix the Delta by taking away fresh water from it. ”

To see Gene’s entire comment, go to

Pyramid Lake, LA, at the height of the drought. April 2014. Nearly 100% full


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