Posted by: Jan | December 28, 2013

End-of-Year News

As 2013 wraps to an end, the media appears to be swinging against the tunnels. Here’s a few of this weeks articles.

Several were spawned from a recent presentation at Westlands Water District that presented an update to anticipated cost of the Delta Tunnels: now $67 billion! Some note that the cost revision was not included as part of the 40,000 pages of documents released 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday, December 24th, Rep. John Garamendi repeated his plan and words of wisdom about the real solutions for California’s water situation. Garamendi: California needs a comprehensive water plan – not a $25 billion boondoggle. A few key points Rep. Garamendi makes:

  • The technology already exists for agriculture to conserve 3 million acre feet of water each year. That would cut the Delta exports in half and take it back to the amount recommended by the SWRCB “Delta Flow” report.
  • One million acre feet could be recycled and stored in the underground aquifers in Southern California at a cost of $1.3 billion.
  • Conservation, recycling programs and new storage could create approximately 5.7 million acre feet of new water to use each year at a projected cost of $7.8 billion.

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