Media about the BDCP Release

Sacramento Bee Cartoon 12.12.13
Sacramento Bee Cartoon – December 12, 2013

From the Redding Record Editorial Tuesday Dec 10:
“The documents — the plan itself and its draft environmental impact report — released this week for public review and comment weigh in at some 33,000 pages. That’s not a doorstop, it’s a barricade. For comparison, the last print edition of the venerable Encyclopedia Britannica — all 32 volumes of it — totaled almost exactly the same size at 32,640 pages.”

“But the staggering complexity of the plan, along with its $25 billion cost, reflects either a 21st-century marvel of engineering and organization — or an act of extraordinary hubris doomed to collapse under its own weight.”

The Sacramento Bee Editorial today points to three huge flaws with the BDCP Plan:
(1) Who will finance it? The basic financial framework, for example, remains unresolved.
(2) What would be the role be of the Delta counties?
(3) How much water needs to flow through the Delta. The report also fails to define what future water flows would be through the Delta.

The SacBee Editorial concludes: “It is time to consider alternatives seriously, something the 34,000-page draft study just doesn’t do.” Read more here:

Assembly members Jim Frazier and Mariko Yamada joined the Restore The Delta protest on the steps of the Sacramento capital building to voice strong displeasure with the BDCP and process to-date. The sentiment was echoed by Sacramento Assemblyman Roger Dickinson in the guest article “Viewpoints: When it comes to re-plumbing the Delta; trust is a two-way street”. It’s great to see how vocal the Northern California legislators are becoming in opposition to the plan. For years they’ve tried to compromise and stay at the bargaining table. It appears they recognize that has failed and are now on attack mode.

The only pro-BDCP media I’m reading this week is from the Farm Water Coalition, Fresno Bee editorial by a farmer there, and other stakeholders who want the water. Or some writers that “buy” what the BDCP is selling.

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