Posted by: Jan | June 19, 2013

Display a Lawn Sign

We are ordering more of our red & green “Stop the Tunnels!” signs seen in Discovery Bay and beyond!

STCDA Lawn Sign
We are happy to see that they have been springing up throughout Discovery Bay and beyond – along Highway 160 and up to Clarksburg, Hood, and Sacramento. Some have even been spotted in the Bay area and down south!

How can I get one?

Please click the “Display a Lawn Sign” link on the right side of the website or email “”.


    Your Name
    Phone #

so our volunteers can get you a sign. We are delivering in the Delta area but if you live elsewhere, please let our volunteers know if you can pick it up.

A small donation to cover the expenses is appreciated ($8.00) but not required. We are happy to have you display our signs and show your support for the cause. Together we can make a difference!

P.S. – More on the buses to Sacramento will be sent out soon for those of you who have volunteered to “Get on the Bus!” If you want your name added to the list to find out more details, please email “”, include your name, address and phone # and say you want to “Get on the Bus!”


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