April 4 – Some Changes

We don’t have enough sign-ups to order the buses, but we will have a good showing to attend the meeting and show our concern.

Because there’s only 12-15 of us, we’re changing our game plan and won’t be bringing the signs to this meeting or have a noisy group outside with photos and news reporters. We’d need one or two buses to make a noisy showing. We know a large number of our community want to go – we think we aren’t giving people enough notice and need the buses. So we are going to start taking sign-ups now to do the buses for the next meeting – date not firm but listed as the week of May 6th.

But first, this Thursday, April 4th: We will be there.

Everyone who can should still attend the meeting. At the last meeting, the BDCP asked everyone attending to state their name and affiliation (i.e., Discovery Bay resident or member of Save the California Delta Alliance) so having a group in the audience is still great and shows our interest and concerns and we can cheer/applaud for comments we agree with.

The meeting time is now from 1-5 PM
(previously was 1:30 – 4:30).


1:00 PM Red Lion Hotel Woodlake Conference Center, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA 95815

Pre-meeting and Carpooling from the Boardwalk Grill at the Discovery Bay Marina: Michael Brodsky (our legal council) and I will be at the Boardwalk Grill an hour early (10 AM) to brief anyone interested on talking points. We will leave in car pools at 11:00 AM to give us time to get there on time and get seats (the last meeting was crowded). If you plan to meet us and haven’t emailed me, please let me know.

10:00 AM to meet ahead and discuss talking points
10:50 AM to form car pools and leave at 11 AM.

Boardwalk Grill: 5879 Marina Road, Discovery Bay, CA 94505.

As far as getting on the buses …

We think that part of why we aren’t getting the sign-ups is the short notice (or maybe it is because it is during the working day?)

Email me if you would have gotten on the buses this week but couldn’t and why (work, too far, already had other plans/too short a notice, etc.) If it was because the meeting was during the day, what would be better (6:30 some evening or on a Saturday morning). We want to get you all to a meeting or get a meeting to come here to us!

The next meeting will be the week of May 6th and will likely be mid-week during the day in Sacramento. Email me if you want to be counted to “GET ON THE BUS”. We need 40 to hire one bus and it would be great to have at least two buses headed up!

Email Me:

  1. Let me know if you want to meet in Discovery Bay to carpool April 4th and haven’t already responded. Right after this email I’ll mail the current list of attendees to form car pools and see if people want to meet an hour early for talking points.
  2. Let me know if you wanted to go April 4 but couldn’t and why (time, distance, no bus, etc.)
  3. Let me know if you are going to “get on the bus” the first week of May (time/place to be announced but likely during the work week

Jan McCleery, President
Save the California Delta Alliance

2 Responses to “April 4 – Some Changes”

  1. 1 Bob Allen March 31, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    It is time Jerry gives up his tunnels and takes the 14Billion and builds desalination plants along the southern California coast

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