Posted by: Jan | August 16, 2010

Bottled Water and Privatization

Please view this video:

Nestle Steals Water; excerpt from FLOW, an excerpt from the 2008 Sundance Film Festival documentary “For the Love of Water”. The message is pertinant because, as we reported in the post Sacramento has Excess Water? earlier today, Nestlé just signed a 10-year agreement with Sacrmento to open a new bottling plant which will use Delta water to bottle. This film shows what happened when Nestlé opened a bottling plant in Massachusetts (very scary) and raises the question of who owns water and who gets to make decisions about water.

It’s not just in Massachusetts – there is a YouTube video from Ontario, Canada about Nestle collapsing the groundwater aquivers

“We have fundamental problems with profiting from water, which is a public resource,” said Emily Wurth, water-program director at Food and Water Watch, a Washington, D.C., research and advocacy group that opposes privatizing water utilities and bottling water.

We need to make it illegal for water rights to be privatized.

To view the FLOW video, click here.

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